Friday, March 06, 2009

Troodos Mountain

We were chomping breakfast in the kitchen watching morning news
watching the snow in Troodos Mountain
it is the highest point of Cyprus.

Dinos the Great:"Let's drive up!!!"

Monkey got esctatic!!!
we gonna play snow ballllllllllllllllllllllll
and went to get dressed like Kenny fr South Park
driving past...............bout 40 mins journey
first we stopped by this monastery which is listed under the UNESCO's world heritage site
no entry to tourists huh???
eh! so we looked like locals or not?
definitely kenot make it >_<
JS all wrapped up looking like a terrorist!!!
where's your riffle?
it's only one degree...
not that cold lar.
went to grab a light lunch of greek salad
grilled haloumi cheese with sausages aged in red wine
oooo I can almost see the peakwent to plucked some muscats....they were so sweet!!!!
don't look here.....sure kena my bomb!!!
how big u want????
yeah terrorist fighting with another terrorist!!
not with guns but with SNOW
sorry my small monkey palm can only carve out snow ball this big....
I need help to make a bigger one.....


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