Friday, September 28, 2012

H&M Chokers

During the chaotic frantic H&M VIP preview, I managed to pull 2 chokers outta its rack
thronged by more manic shoppers.....everyone seemed to be throwing garments apparels accessories up the air.

I didn't even bother to try my garments coz H&M practiced this 30 days validity if it doesn't fit, u can alwiz come back to change the size, colors etc provided the garment is still in good condition. *well except accessories and undergarments etc*

I saw this in H&M Singapore 2 weeks ago and resisted bcoz I need i will obtain my 20% VIP discount on the opening be a lil bit more patience
there were also many items that I saw in Singapore and it wasn't available in Malaysia...
coz I was thinking, I just need to wait 4 more freaking days and I will have my 20% on all merchandises so why bother??
well if it's not meant to's not then.

the other simple choker
well now that I've worn them first *hehehehe* i don't really bother anymore
coz I am sure to bump into another one wearing these soon in town

yesterday while dashing off from my appointment to the boutiques for work....
I managed to grab the beautiful pink Lana del Ray pink jeans *hehehehe*
Damn!!! it's so dangerous to work so near to H&M

so what have you got from H&M?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

YSL Chyc Flap Bag

Isn't she beautiful?
oh-oh I sounded desperate huh?
who can resist her??

decked in seductive red of calfskin leather
with the signature Golden hardware logo Y

just the right size for me
the right storage fr cards, money, phone, lippie, keys and ciggie
*yeah I know, ppl alwiz wonder how come I can stuff so many things in such small bags...told ya I'm a Doraemon*

it's the perfect bag perfect color
what's stopping me???

problem is....I have another one in different color
I've never have 2 same bags in different colors before *except shoes and apparels*
so how???? O.O

Monkey in her green YSL Chyc flap bag, taken a few months ago in Bangkok
with all the superheroes hahahah but my YSL is the hero of all :P *and so I think*

tsk!!! how????
*stare at floor and bite nails*
Yes or No???
sigh.......what a tough decision to make for the week

I had a hectic week and it's not ending yet....

my feet killed me this morning after last nite's event and so today I'm in my flattest shoes of all. I never complained about my I guess this is age is catching up and I need to shift my priorities in life.

but then again...yes or no???
should I get the Red Chyc flap bag???
*starts to bite nails again*

ohhh I need to go for manicure soon

then I turn to my man aka JS via email
"Okie get it!!!! but a month later in Paris!!"
WHAT??? It's gonna be gone by then!!! remember one boutique one piece!!!

I missed JS so much, I haven't really see him for the past 4 days? though we zzzzZZZzzzzz next to each other every nite.
I don't know to hate or love my job

Priorities baby....priorities
so I am gonna sort that out right now...priorities in life
I am gonna call it off by 6pm today after my last appointment and head home to have a chillax dinner with a bottle of wine....with my priority of coz...JS :)))))
So that means u are cooking and me washing!!!!

Hey folks, what are your priorities today?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joanne L by Joanne Low

remember this pair of necklace?
well if u don' bout it here again *click*

Monkey got her hands on it 2 weeks ago
muaks muaks muaks
it's so so so beautiful and I lurve everything about it
the kaleidoscope of its semi precious stones, esp when the lights go thru it

Jewelries are so addictive...and I wanted more
and more and more and more.....
the designer Joanne L was so helpful and sent me pics of all the stones she has got, for Monkey to pick and choose and she made me a few pairs of earrings outta them
oh gawd.....jewelries are really a gal's best friend :))
Turquoise and blue are my favourite colors this season
I think soon it's citrine for autumn
and maybe caramel brown :))))

Joanne presented them in a pretty fuchsia box layered with more thin crisp fuchsia papers
How can any gal not like them?!?!?!?!?


You may check out Joanne L's private collection all custom made and designed by herself at her Atelier,
on her Facebook page here:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Musang King Mooncakes from Hilton KL

the much hyped about mooncake in town from Chynna, Hilton KL
apparently it was the most sought after durian in the world
bcoz it uses ONYL 100% pure and solid Musang King durian

I can tell you how sought after it is, coz my friends from Singapore actually got Monkey to buy them by the loads, only problem needed refrigeration
not any refrigeration but FREEZER

once purchased, u need to consume them within 3-5 days
keep them in the freezer...when u want to eat it...
remove it out...let it rest for less than 5 minutes...cut them to your desired size
and pop them into...nope not into your mouth...back into the FRIDGE this time
oh damn...i hate the process already
u see, this mooncake is really soft bcoz it's really pure durian meat on the inside
so if u dun freeze's like eating lumpy gooey durians wrapped in snow skin
and it's really a disgusting sight :P
so after all the freezing, cutting, chilling it's back to the table
by the way, the name of this mooncake is Heavenly Gold

tasting note???
it tasted exactly like Musang King durian minus the texture and length
I would say I prefer to eat the actual durians then
but nevertheless this was an effort by Chef Lam to create something something so desirable

since I couldn't cater to the cravings and needs of my Singapore gang....they are flying in to Malaysia to enjoy this durian...hahahahaha
but I would say again, don't waste time...if u crave for Musang King...just go for the real thing

Mooncakes are supposed to be original with the usual red bean, lotus paste with yolk and mixed nuts.
Nothing more nothing less....
and definitely no funny funny weird flavours and fancy names
or perhaps I'm just a conservative and originality when it comes to iconic food like this

If u still insist to try, u can still get the Heavenly Gold Musang King mooncakes at Hilton KL Sentral or just head to the Mid-Autumn Festival exhibition at Midvalley Megamall
To order your mooncakes, go to:
Tel: +603 2264 2515

Monday, September 24, 2012

LGBT dinner with my roomies @ Brussels

oh yum yum yum :))))
Belgium style Crispy Pork Knuckle

Thanks to the another sensation created by our dearie local government, we organised our own LGBT gathering heheheheh
LGBT = Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender

what's better than to organise them with your ex-roomies
as in your ex-roomates
yes I slept with them for 4 years in campus during Uni years
we held hands, we hugged each other, we slept on the same bed
okie let's not go into more details on wat we did :P
what's important is.....we ARE NOT LESBIANS -_-

We had a Brussel Platter to share with a huge bowl of crispy chips, calamari and other stuffs
at the beginning, we thought we have the end everything was wiped cleaned off their respective plates :))))
more sinful indulgence fr the platter
hahahahahhaa usually yummy food are unhealthy and sinful
I didn't try this but there's something sweet inside like a piece of fruits/berry
the sweetness balanced off the saltiness and fattiness of the bacon

look at its roast pork belly from the same platter
there's only A LINE of meat, the rest were fat
hahahahaha I'm not really a fan when the proportion is way too unhealthy like this
to balance our conscience we ordered some salad
a simple fresh crisp caesar salad

Amazingly, Brussels Beer Cafe serves vegetarian food among its meaty carnivore menu
there's some vegetarian pasta and meat-free salad
watermelon, apples and feta cheese salad topped with kalamata olives
we needed these refreshing salad after all the meat
These days, the cameras get to ogle and feast on the food first
b4 the human can consume them
Roast Pork alio olio was excellent - star dish of the nite
sometimes the best things in life are the most simplest right?
the pasta was cooked al-dente with balanced taste and some hints of spiciness from the chilis innit
crispy potato skin was really good too
crunchy on the outside oozing with soft cheese and fillings in the middle
looks like all of us had to go for meat-free diet this week after such a sinful weekend huh?
Tanca, Huei and JS

bcoz it's a LGBT gathering, the ladies made their other halves wear PINK and RED
they had to hold hands in this pic :P
but they looked like they kinda enjoyed it *maybe except Huei*
he kept on saying "Brokeback Mountain"

JS said, straight men who wear pink have high self confidence and high esteem
ya kar? which school said that?
Huei wanted sausages and we ordered this as the last course of the many many main course
everyday there's Happy Hour here at Brussels Cafe
and soon the BrokeBack Mountain gang showed their true colors :P
the ladies were drinking as if the Beer was hot *in temperature*
looked like they were "blowing" it right?
My roomies were Wah-Wah-Wah-ing at something
Mee Mee said if we were to edit this pic, can put a piece of "Char Siew" in front of their face
and the pic will still looked believable for them to Wah-Wah-Wah
still wah-wah-wah-ing from a different angle
yes it's my clear the's an ANNIVERSARY RING OK ppl!!!!
after all the wah-wah-wah-ing activity we need more food
Creme Brulee was pretty good, only problem was the portion was too tiny

one of the easiest dessert to practically needs only assembling
no cooking required :))))))))

Chocolate Brownie
I was so stuffed, I didn't even touch most of the desserts
Bee Ree, Shell Shell, Mee Mee and Nee Lee
*our pet names were created gazillion years ago, inspired from SIMS first generation in the early two thousands*

The Roomies who held hands, slept together and did many other things together
we came in pink too, Nee Lee's dress was pink at the bottom...can't see in this pic

I look fwd to our next LGBT gatherings, hopefully the men are OK and will turn up in pink or red again

Brussels Beer Cafe
Unit I-01-G, Setia Walk,
Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47160 Puchong,

Friday, September 21, 2012

H&M Lot 10 KL

Monkey received the verbal invitation 2 months earlier
and then the save-the-date invitation 1.5 months ago
finally the actual invite a month ago

Mixed feelings enveloped me
I was eppy eppy that H&M is finally in Malaysia
but not so eppy if the whole Malaysia is wearing it
so u see, humans are really funny beings...
the more rare an item is, the much higher the perceived value is and the MORE u want it

this applies to everything from Men, Wines, Exotic places to visit, and most of the things in life
well at least in MY LIFE it is :)))))))))
20th September is also a very big date for H&M
not only in Malaysia because it's the VVIP red carpet preview
but also for H&M worldwide as Lana del Ray's collection hits the stores WORLDWIDE
I couldn't locate this Angora sweater she's wearing here
but I think I saw something similar in electric blue....almost got my hands there for not the other crazy mad ladies shopping last nite
the who's who in town were all invited, all the beautiful ppl :)))))
900 bottles of chilled champagnes were popped
the queue at the red carpet was the width and length of the Lot 10 facade
yeah the queue was of people with invitations!!!!

thank goodness I was with my galfriends holding hands *opsss I'm a LGBT*
chit chatting and the queue *felt like* moved so fast that we didn't have enuff time to chat!!!!
the weather was pretty humid and I'm glad my pom-pom skirt was short :P
Monkey & Baby Wei
soon everyone lost each other
too distracted with the merchandise

after gracing the red carpet, we hit the store, grab a glass of champagnes
and everyone went separate way in less than 30 seconds
Sharoness, Hot Mama Thevi, Beautiful CS and Monkey

occasionally I spotted my galfriends and took time to check each other's shopping bag
"Wat u got wat u got???"
before continuing to different floors and busy stuffing our shopping bags with more items
among the tonnes of guests, Xavier spotted me
I should be the one spotting him bcoz of his signature hat but again I was too bz stuffing my shopping bag
Xavier: "CHERRY KOH!!!!!!"
Monkey: "Helloooo darling!!!! Just arrived?"
Xavier: "I can see you've been here long enough?" *pointing at my bulky pregnant bag*

Xavier will be launching his own lines of shoes and jewelries soon
I am awaiting your invitation next :)))
Hot Mama Thevi stooped lower so she's much shorter
"Where is this dress?" pointing to her iPhone

-_- yeah I was the unofficial merchandise directory/concierge for H&M
either I have good photographic memories or dunno >.<
I managed to find this dress :D:D:D a special piece from Lana del Ray collection

midway shopping, I actually got the bouncers to take care of my shopping bags
"Hi hi...can u just take care of these for me? justttt fooor a liiillll whilllleee pleeaseeeee?"
I whined

the 2 muscular bouncers -_-" and nodded their heads in reluctance
"ohhhh thank you thank you!!!" and skipped off

So Happy Shopping folks
the H&M doors will be official open to public this Saturday - yes TOMORROW

the first lucky one on the line will receive a RM 500 gift card
2nd to 5th in line RM 200
while the following 300 will receive RM 50 each
so if you have time, drop by at Lot 10 tmrw :)))))
do watch the video of Lana del Ray for H&M
she totally sells every single item
*click here to watch*

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore

In case u are wondering if this is a hotel
I don't do official reviews of anything and that includes food
the Grand Hyatt in Kuala Lumpur has just opened its door and busy me yet to find time to visit it. Hyatt hotel chains have its minimum standard worldwide but according to a friend, not so.....certain Hyatts at different part of the world don't even deserve the name Hyatt
oh really??

anyway this was a stay a few months ago for business
when it's for business, one hardly has got the time inside his/her room
frankly I don't like bed facing the door
it's just so so so weird to point your feet towards it

but I must say, the comfort level of mattress and pillows matter a lot to me
well u heard it before, money can't buy sleep
most hotels do provide different types of pillows so if you find that it's not your kinda level of comfort, just call them up to have another pillow.

the best so far are Intercontinental and Holiday Inn
they have a few types of pillow to choose from....goose feather, foam, down pillows, latex
ranging from body pillows to neck pillows
aaahhhh I can have pillow fights in my suite :P

the best bedsheet award has to go to Marriott for its soft silky smooth and high thread counts sheets
even ritz and four seasons can't fight :))))
a small lil wardrobe
I must say this hotel is a bit tired-looking
but again, there's not much time to be spent here except shower + sleep
I've got a room overlooking its courtyard garden
good to have a view at least, instead of looking at the next building

I usually sleep with my windows open like this for natural lights
u know your body is built to wake up when lights hit your face/eyes?
it's like natural alarm clock I supposed unless you are really a deep sleeper
even at home, my windows is alwiz opened so I wake up to the beautiful view of the lake and the golf course :)))))))))
morning rise and shine :))))))))
later I saw some folks were jogging up and down this lil courtyard

It was a good stay nevertheless
especially when I slept so well like a baby

for my other Hyatt experience *which is not many :P*, read the below:
my enormous breakfast at Hyatt Erawan Bangkok
Hi-tea at Hyatt Erawan Bangkok

I look forward to my next stay in Hyatt Erawan Bangkok and soon-to-visit Grant Hyatt KL

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Catalunya, Fullerton Pavilion Singapore

A jar of beautiful "olives"

We were booked for lunch by GOE and Flatmate Amy at Catalunya
an award-winning establishment in Singapore that's much raved about
if there's waiting list on its reservation book, u better have connections or some other advantages to get urself into this place without being arrested.

that same morning, Monkey and Yiks had a badminton session
no matter how tired, how exhausted....die die must come
so we showered and zoomed straight to Catalunya after picking up Joanna and Choco Markie :))

so back to those beautiful "olives"
I thought something wasn't right because the colors were different
the waiter then scoop them up carefully and served those "olives" unto olives spoon
but then they looked so real inside its jar of herbs and olive oil

this dish is called An Assortment of Olives
u pop them in and soon the "olives" burst in ur mouth, coating every milimetre of space u have there with pure olive juice and oil

What a playful beginning to this lunch :)))
then expectations were raised up a few notch
after hearing much reviews from friends about this place, I was very prepared for anything to come my plate...just bring it on :)))))

an international Spanish restaurant, Catalunya consist of an international team of chefs from elBulli, Sketch, Santi and Drolma
doesn't matter if u dun recognise the rest of the big names but elBulli alone is enough to sell everything in this restaurant :))))

Andalucian style calamari
no tapas meal is complete without fried battered squid
especially those fatty squid from the deep sea
not your normal local chewy squid :D

what amazed me was their homemade mayo
it's really deep in yellow thanks to the egg yolk
with some zing of freshly grated lemon zest

and then we have the Jamon Iberico Gran Reserva cured ham
a bomb but then it's Jamon Iberico!!!!
for a small plate it's SGD 55

I am gonna buy more Jamon Iberico in Spain
it's like so cheap there that it makes u wanna carry the whole leg of ham home to Malaysia
if only we can pass the custom and immigration holding that leg of ham over JS's shoulder
last year we couldn't afford to do that without stirring a commotion at the airport so we just resorted to stuffing ourselves to death with Jamon everyday from breakfast till supper
yeah I dunno what happen to "moderation is the key" in life
if I continue to eat like insurance agent gonna de-list me :P

Tomato Tartar confit topped with finely chopped chives
tomatoes are staple food esp in the Mediterranean coast countries
it's sweet and refreshing with the umami flavour
this dish was served with thin crispy bread, I forgot to snap a pic of it

Jamon Iberico croquette
looked so innocent right????
the outer shell was crispy then next came the soft potato-ish part that melts in your mouth
and finally the fillings...
hey guys no wonder it's so's Iberico!!!!!

Pa amb Tomaquet

this is another must try and very very Catalan
simple grilled crispy bread, rubbed with garlic then topped with extra virgin olive oil and sweet fresh smashed tomatoes
so simple and yet so delicious
last year when we were in Barcelona we had tonnes of these and JS warned me then not to pile my stomach(s) with breads -_-
simple Patatas Bravas with homemade "aioli"
the aioli was a garlic mayo with spicy sauce

Ham, Cheese and Truffles bikini
it's a really good sandwich and everyone commented they can have this for breakfast everyday

well this pic did no justice
sorry all pics taken with my dearie iPhone coz JS, my unofficial photog, wasn't present at this wonderful lunch *yeah I know, he missed out big* coz he was busy playing golf -_-
yes playing golf in Singapore lugging that huge golf bag around
Roasted meat canelon served with Basil Oil and cheese sauce
and fresh yummy chanterelle mushrooms
it's the mushroom season now in Europe

how time flies and Autumn is here very very soon
other than that, chestnut is also in season :))))
and of course truffles season will follow suit
Catalunya is really beautifully built
the group engaged award winning New York firm AvroKo to design this beautiful domed restaurant

it sits on the Marina Bay, floating among the concrete jungle and yachts
if you happened to have a yacht, u can berth outside the restaurant and step in style

that's why we couldn't locate this restaurant in the GPS
not only it's NEW and not listed in the GPS
it's coordinate is actually ON WATER
Inside, it's just stunning!!!!
every table commands a beautiful view of the Marina
we can spend hours enjoying our meal here

I'm sure at night, it's an entirely different view
not that this restaurant is a revolving one, but with the light shows and the city lights around this area it's sure to delight your eyes
so we were done with the Tapas and came the main course
Traditional Suckling Pig, Segovian style

it's really a tiny baby!!!!
Monkey quickly Whatsapp JS this pic to make him jeles

JS replied almost instantly
JS: "Huh? Giant Rosemary??"
yeah the pig was such a baby the rosemary looked huge
poor pig~~~~~ sacrificed for our palate
so folks, never ever waste food
if u gonna kill animals and eat them, please make the honor of appreciating every single morsels of it
braised lamb rack from Castilla y Leon
was done perfectly pink with a few flakes of sea salt

side dish of Smoked Mash Potatoes
silky smooth and topped with nuts
stewed mushrooms with caramelized baby onions
good combo with the meat

my favourite side dish was the wood roasted pineapples with pink peppercorn and cinnamon
just balanced off the richness fr all the meat
this was J&J James and Jelina favourite
Black Beef Tuxleta
extremely yummy!!!!!!!
and for dessert, we have Creme Catalan with lemon jelly
it was a disappointment for me because I have much much better creme Catalan in Spain

this one was a bit too runny
or maybe it was intentionally done that way for a different kick/style???
Chocolates in different texture was ordered for Choco Markie
well there's alwiz reason why he's called Choco Markie right?

he's already 5 years old.....watching friends' kids growing up make me realised I am not getting younger
arghhhh....ok ok ok have more chocolates and stop the misery :P
Flatmate Amy ordered this really yummy refreshing Fruits with aromatic Osmotizada
think they soaked the cubed fruits in a highly purified water with sugar?
I need to do some research on this dessert

anyway we are bound to return to Catalunya again
so perhaps it's time to set the date and make reservation for next month?
*pic stolen fr the web*
really beautiful at dusk huh?

A place not to be missed and I would highly recommend it
maybe just skip the dinner and have all of its tapas :)))
Thank you M People for this yummy lunch treat!!!!

Catalunya Restaurant
The Fullerton Pavilion
82 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049327.
Tel: +65 6534 01888 for general enquiries
Tel: +65 6534 0886 for reservations
Opens from 12 noon to 2 am