Friday, October 31, 2014

Angelina Cafe, Paris

Monkey and Eric Choong
It was really a very short notice, 24 hours before. We found that we will be in Paris the same time and decided to catch up for tea. Monkey was on her vacation and just landed from Malaysia not too long ago while the famed and notable celebrity fashion designer the Si Fu of them all, Eric was in Paris for his show, awards and exhibition.

Yea it was soooo difficult to catch up in KL but it only took a few text messages to set a meeting time and place 10,500km away in the city of Love.

and so like the rest of the foodie, we queued up for a table at the exceptional and the place to be for tea - Angelina Cafe. This was also the tearoom where Madame Coco Chanel had her yummy drinks and cakes.

That very same morning, when we walked past, for the first time when it comes to pastries and cakes department, JS stopped, reversed and went back to the display window to check out the strawberry cakes. Monkey was like "Yeah wat?"

JS: "Look at those cakes!!!! all the strawberries are in perfect uniform size."
Monkey: "Yes they are very beautiful."

the beauty about staying around Opera area is, everything is just within walking distance away.....from sights, to great eats, to cafes, to shopping *Vendome and St. Honore* and all the great departmental stores are just within reach. But it's also very dangerous and damaging to pockets. Oh well, when u are on holiday, push all these behind.

Founded in 1903, Angelina Cafe celebrated 110th anniversary last year. Famed for their hot chocolate drinks and iconic mont blanc with towering high whipped chestnuts paste.

He insisted that he's not a chocolate person but he wanted to try the hot chocolate drinks. Yes that's the way to be, be adventurous and everything is experimental that will truly become an experience to remember. Whether u like it or not, u can decide later. That is life :)))

and so he had his hot chocolate. Creamie velvety and rich with an intense chocolatie yummyness. It's composed of 3 selected cocoa from Cote d'Ivoire, Niger and Ghana. Eric conquered that it's really good.

So we ordered a few to share and no Mont Blanc. It ran out!!! Nevermind there will be next time.

Eric: "Can we finish all of these?"

I know that looks like a lot but we finished everything. Hohohohohohoho coz it's so yummy!!!

She looked disappointed. Guess she found out that they ran out of Mont Blanc too!!!! hahahahaha

The grand epoque mirror next to us was really useful. Apart from checking my makeup, and Eric checkin his reflections, we used it for Wefie!!!

After filling our tummy, it's time to take a long stroll. Afterall it was a beautiful afternoon :))))

Eric: "Hey Monkey, stop posing around!!!"

I don't care, I'm in Paris and nobody knows me. Hahahahaha.

Was it a plane? Was it a bird????
Nope we were just admiring the Notre Dame

Thank you to Mr. JS for all the beautiful pics. He should consider photography seriously, as in a professional way. Just like cooking, many friends encouraged him to startup a F&B business to which he replied, it's much more fun cooking for friends instead.

So I guess same goes for his photography works. For pleasure and for friends :))))))

and my dearie Eric, thank you for spending time with us. It was a beautiful day, not to mention shopping for vintage stuffs...kekekekeke....

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Nope this wasn't our hotel hahahaha. Was coming out from a cathedral. Lurve my t-shirt. Lulu Guinness for Uniqlo. :))))))

Please have some patience with us while we sort out all the thousands and thousands of pics to be archived. Then to be selected based on locations, topics, relevance etc. There's too many pics and I wanted to share all of them with you my dear readers. Yes I am that greedy.

Thank you and I am sure the wait is worth it :))))))))

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We are home!!!!

Paris is indeed City of Love. Everyone seems to be in lovey dovey mood everywhere we went to. Time past by way way too fast when u are having a great time. 24 days gone by in a swift and our vacation was zoom zoom zoom just like that.

Hobbits and Monkey didn't wanna go home but JS said the beauty of coming home is to be able to plan for the next vacation. Wuahahahahahaha yes yes yes I lurve his philosophy kekekekekeke

 Courtyard of one of the hotels we stayed. So quaint, peaceful and beautiful.

the moment I opened my window...ta-da!!! Autumn foliage on the right side bcoz it receives the most sun on the other side of the wall.

It can't be this small right? The Persistence of Time by Salvador Dali. No it isn't the original kekekeke just a reproduction. But I was just so intrigued by it. 

The "I-don't-wanna-go-home" face.
So now that we are home, be prepared for more postings on our trip. :)))))

Hope you will have an amazing week ahead there....woohoo.

Friday, October 03, 2014

Away Notice

*pic pic taken by JS in May 2013*

It's been a while perhaps you've missed me a little, just as much as I missed your toasty cafe au lait...the aroma of crispy warm croissants, doesn't matter even it flaked so much, down on my top as I munch u with deep satisfaction.

Tottering down the narrow cobbled streets proved to be a favourite past time, seeking new treasures along the way. Spending time at the museums and art galleries are such a novelty with you, just because there's so much to be discovered.

As we glided down the terrain and played with soil......the beautiful grapes, the artisanal hands that touch the vines, the terroir and finally the energy of the Universe that speaks to all of you, like an orchiestra. Bio dynamic wines, how much I love thee~~~~

So I guess it's me who missed you so much....definitely way much more than you missed me huh? France, you are so worthy of my love so do welcome me with grace, elegance and new experiences.


Thursday, October 02, 2014

Erawan Tea Room, Bangkok

lovely icy cold Lemonade. Awesome on a smoking hot day in Bangkok. This isn't the first time I'm posting about Erawan Tea Room. So it's kinda like a must go whenever you are in town for its comfy ambience and amazing food. How I saw its price list crept over the years from 240 baht for a tea set to 380 baht and during festive seasons like Christmas it would be hovering around 450 baht.

Look!!! it's the same plate and cutleries as those in our room :))) Lovely lotus leaf platter.

This one must order....crispy fried fermented pork, to be eaten with bird eye chilis, chopped ginger and fragrant lime, some chives and crispy fresh cabbage. Basically this is like a street food which u can get anywhere in Bangkok. Somehow it's just nicer to be able to enjoy them in a proper setting like this.

My "towering high" hi-tea set - according to JS but it's definitely not as high as Baiyoke tower in Bangkok.

So let's see wat we have here. Some thai pork sausages, steamed otak, dumplings, kataifi prawns, pomelo salad and a chiang mai sausage. I lurve their sausages!!! so yummy!!!

banana fritters, pipping hot scones, my favourite kanom krog, beautiful cute "loke chubs", a chocolate cake :)))) happy days are here!!!!

every trip bounds to have something different. The main star on this platter was the mango sticky rice, this time around they served the choco cigar with toasty sesame seeds on it, and the famous traditional Thai desserts

bcoz I lurve the crab meat dumplings so much, we had to order more!!! hahahahaha. Freshly made and steamed upon ur order.

sorry pic wasn't great....hands must be shaking from over-excitement of all the food....and it's only for high tea :P Deep fried chicken with turmeric

Another Thai Pork Satay with fragrant rice. This is like almost a meal on its own!!!!

Prawn toast served with cucumber pickles on the side. There's so much of eggs around the toast I could not see the bread!!! so the yummsss~~~~~this was really a bomb in my mouth bcoz it's just so darn good. Must order!!! in terms of price, nothing really cost a bomb here...everything was just so affordable with such finesse and quality from the food, taste, texture and presentation. Not to mention 5 stars service.

and because I'm so into their crispy shell kanom krog with soft creamie fillings, Monkey had to order another plate. U can choose between fillings of sweet corns, spring onions or yam.

Whatever it is, this one u must order. I kinda forgotten wat it's called in Thai nor English coz when it comes to Thailand....JS speaks and writes That, so he did all the talking + ordering. My best bet would be to show them this awesome pic and your platter of crispy crunchy fermented fried pork will be served in no time. Pipping hot!!!
Erawan Tea Room
Level 2, Hyatt Erawan Hotel,
494 Ploenchit Road,
Bangkok 10330.
Tel: 662 250 7777