Friday, November 28, 2014

Paul Bocuse *3 Michelin Stars*,

the highlight of our trip.......dinner at L'Auberge du Pont de Collonges, also known as Paul Bocuse. THE restaurant that one must visit in France :))))))))))))) The facade looked so fun like a visit to merry go round.

Paul Bocuse is well known for his nouvelle cuisine worldwide. His name is everywhere from a patisserie in Tokyo to New York and culinary institutes in Greece, USA, south America, Finland....and so many more....There's about 12 and the nearest to us would be in Singapore....

Just the mention of his name, Paul Bocuse sends such pride and novelty in me. Of coz we were so excited once we have secured the reservation months in advance, got a chauffeur to send us there on time. Oh trust me, if you have such an important date u won't wanna be late :))))))
"Bonsoir Madame, bienvenue" and beamed me his most sparkly teeth megawatts smiles.

I was pinching my cheeks to make sure this wasn't a dream. :)))) Yes it's real...we are finally here. Paul Bocuse!!! Paul Bocuse!!! the best meal of my life by far :))))))

Sorry for all the branding pics :P hehehehehe
His Marketing Team sure knows how to do this :)))) There's also a store for you to purchase merchandises. Hahahaha I know, you would think it's a bit too commercialised but sometimes this is wat diners/clienteles want. To own a piece of Paul Bocuse in their beautiful home....

Thank goodness the bread selection wasn't huge, else we gonna be chomping and nom-ing down all the delicious yummy bread with the beautiful creamie butter. All sourced from their reliable artisanal guy called Richard. La Mere Richard is the most renowned cheese supplier/monger they call it in this part of France - Lyon. He has a stall at the famous Paul Bocuse market at Les Halles de Lyon.

Read bout the market *here*

to begin our dinner, we have some little canapes to tantalize our already tantalized tastebuds, hahahaha. Just by feasting at the entire restaurant, the people and its open traditional kitchen alone made my heart skipped so fast!!!

This is so cute!!!! pic of Paul Bocuse standing in front of his merry go round restaurant on this lil cup. I want!!!! and bcoz we were tispy when we went home, we forgot to purchase anything from their souvenir shop. sigh................

our sommelier who's from Burgundy is really smart and extremely knowledgeable. Extremely. I like him immediately :)))))))

RSV 1976 :)))))))))) Bottle number 0385

Madame Leroy Bize's signature was still in the bottle then, when she was still a partner in Romanee Conti. 

when u are in Lyon, one must really have their quenelles.
beautiful traditional Lyon quenelle of pike with crayfish in Nantua sauce.

even the button mushrooms was cut and decorated this way. It's just too too much la!!! hahahaha but by doin this, the grooves trapped in some of the juicy shellfish yummy sauce innit. Now I understand why.

This pic did no justice to JS's dish of Mussels soup with saffron pistils. There's so much of beautiful small and power packed juicy mussels underneath it. Should have picked them up to snap a nice pic. Hearty soup and it's served in a huge large portion where you can refill as u wish.

All the staffs here are so tall, I guess there's a minimum heights to be able to work here. Hahahaha. Not to mention each and every of them were so immaculate in terms of poise and manners.

Soon a smaller table was being setup next to ours, dishes came in beautiful copper pans. Both of us inhaled in the aroma of beautifully roasted rack of lamb in thyme.

It was still pink on the inside, just the way we have ordered it. I guess all the waiting staffs here were trained to do plating. Anyhow not everyone can do this, bcoz it requires some form of skills and eyes to artfully plate food.

and ta-da!!!!
those peas were so good, fresh and sweets. I am so in lurve with fresh peas now.

Next it's my of the dish I've ever eaten in my life....and really the best MEAL. YESSS BEAT MEAL OF MY LIFE~~~~~ and it's a chicken!!!!

Not just any chicken, but chicken from Bresse, cooked in cream sauce with morel mushrooms. It's autumn so mushrooms are alwiz the star.

Can u just pay attention to the skin????
How do u have chicken with PERFECT skin like this. No fats underneath it, just velvety skin with that oh my gawd superb chicken taste and smell.

I die-ed that nite. While JS also die-ed with the intense chicken nose. He was like OMG that chicken smell!!!

Check out those balls on the copper pan

As huge as ostrich eggs, these are not eggs.
Believe me, it's the signature dish of Paul Bocuse. The star amongst all the star dishes here.

it's Bresse Chicken cooked in pig's bladder with truffles. So those were inflated bladders and nope, u don't consume the bladder, just the chicken inside.

And the waiting staff expertly carved and prepared the chicken outta the pigs bladder and cut them into individual portion. Such precise cutting skills it amazed me!!!

I think apart from being tall, all the staffs here have to be good looking too I guess. Hahahahahaha. It's a pride to be working here, with Paul Bocuse.

Cheese from La Mere Richard :)))))))))
some epoisse and comte would do. Our top choices of cheese in France :)))))))

1976.....older than me. The crimson brick color tells it all :))))))))

midway through our dinner, an elegant elderly lady all dressed to the nine in her fuchsia chanel jacket and skirt, jewelries decked upon her well manicured hands came to our table and greeted us "Bonsoir Madame Bonsoir Monsieur."
I blinked at her from my food coma
She then proceeded to the next table.
I must have looked like a moron bcoz the sommelier then came to my rescue and said "That's Mrs. Bocuse!!!"

Oh no!!! and I sat there like a moron. Should have a pic with this elegant little lady. Apparently Mr and Mrs Bocuse sleeps on the top floor of this building. He's too tired and old to say hello to everyone so Mrs. Bocuse the PR person as ever went to every table and said hello. It got to be tough job to look this beautiful goin from table to table to greet each patrons and it's full house seven days a week!!!!

a 3 tier petit four was presented at the end of the meal....but actually it's not the end yet!!!

Sinful creamie smooth chocolate creme, which was so perfect, I couldn't find any fault innit. It has got a kirsch cherry inside. :))))))) speaking of cherry on the cake. hahahaha

Plates and plates of desserts were being served to my horror!!!!
this was better than CHRISTMAS!!!!

traditional french dessert - Baba au Rhum from Paul Bocuse's grandmother's recipe.

There's mini chocolate tarts with more sinful creme on top and shavings of chocolates

pistachios cake

upsidedown cake

creme brulee

meringues with fruits, nuts and honey

the famous President chocolate cake!!!
OMG which one to choose????

The waiter holding a fork and a plate waiting for my selections.....I was speechless!!! This was way better than Christmas.

I Think I will settle with fruits only. Each and every strawberries were cleaned and its stem plucked off.

Raspberries are good too. :))))) Which one to have???

Then he pointed to me, there's more fruits.

I can't possible have all the desserts and fruits here. I felt like a lil gal underneath the xmas tree!!!

which one would you like Madame?

Fruits and homemade ice creams with homemade raspberries sauce would do. He proceeded to scoop a HUGE heavenly creamie and sinful vanilla ice cream on my plate. This will do, I can't possible eat anymore though I would love each and very bite of all the desserts presented to us.

Miss Monkey having problem with the stairs coz she was so stuffed beyond words.

I wanted a pic with Monsieur Bocuse himself!!! picture with his picture hahahaha

When we were leaving, the kitchen was already cleaned and empty!!!

Or in the process of being cleaned!!!
even the cleaner is quite a cute young boy. Hahahaha

and we had a peek at Mr. Paul Bocuse's cellar.
I WANT THIS!!!! it's so nice!!!! I want I want I want and whined at JS

JS gave me the slitted eyes look and answered firmly. "Not just you, I oso want!!!"

and both of us stood there drooling at his cellar.

JS: "Monkey u happy?"
Monkey: "always whenever I am with you, but would be happier when Paul Bocuse and RSV are thrown in. Kekekekeke"

JS -_-" 
U are one helluva woman and ain't easy to please.
Yes I know. I am :))))))

We will return to this amazing establishment. Best meal of my life

Paul Bocuse
40 Quai de la Plage,
69660 Colonges au Mont d'Or
Tel: +33 04 7242 9090