Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Beaune Railway Station

it's time to depart the beautiful quaint Beaune and train is the best mode of transport. The town of Beaune is so small, the limo driver that we used a few years ago came to get us. What's even smaller was we recognised each other!!!!! Either they don't have many visitors or our faces were that easy to remember. I guess it's bcoz there's not many Asians that visit Beaune unless if you are in the Wine Industry.

The Moroccan limo driver is now driving better car as in more luxurious, he's married with a baby and gained quite a few pounds too. It was only like 2 years ago, isn't that long. But alwiz lovely to see him again for he's such a great person with a big heart.

Despite it being a small stations, the system used by SNCF throughout France is the best. We purchased our tickets online bout a month earlier, with options to print ur own ticket at home or print at the station. Even by printing at the respective stations, it's really easy to use. Don't worry, there's english on that ticketing machine. Just key in ur name, email and ur reservation numbers....and voila!!! ur tickets are printed in nano seconds.

From the steps of the train station u could see the outskirt of Beaune, with trees lining the boulevard. Most of the trees were turning brown/red welcoming the arrival of autumn.

So where's next after Beaune? We were catching a 1hour and 44 minutes ride down to Lyon, the capital of gastronomy and of coz our tummies can't wait!!!

Monkey forced a smile....eeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee
yeah our luggages were not that many. Most of them were resting in Paris still. When u are travelling with train be it first class or economy, u dun wanna lug too many pieces together.

reading some of my new purchases from Beaune. We bought so many wine books...yeee haaaa!!!! that's the place to get everything and seriously EVERYTHING including almanac...when to plant, when to seed, when to fertilize, when to harvest, when to viniculture and including when to drink wat wines.

I am sure the chinese do have some form of almanac like this....all I knew was my grandmother used to tell me to make chinese wines, it has to be during full moon. After reading so much these years, I finally understood the scientific explanation on this. Gravity pull during full moon is at its peak. So the next time ur grandma tells u not to consume chicken when u are having a cough, listen to her too. Coz chicken is acidic, acids irritates the hell outta of ur throat and u will cough even more. When u cough more, the lining of ur throats will take even longer to heal. So roughly bout 3 months? that makes it 100 days.

Get it? :)))))))))))))

and after 20 mins or so *I can't remember how long*, our train arrived. I like it that the system here is so specific like in Japan. u wait at the exact platform exact spot. So when the train arrives, u are right at your coach, almost at its doorsteps. Hehehehehe.

plus trains are alwiz on time to the dot, just like in Switzerland and Japan. I am sure it does in other countries too, prollie except back home in our country.

So do book ur tickets early and there's alwiz promo even for First Class coaches. Click the below link to start browsing for ur tickets.

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