Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Best wishes to u on this special day,
May you achieve all your dreams and goals,
May beauty be upon u alwiz
and most of all may your future husband....
sings like Jacky C
but most important of all may he look like Jacky C!!
Thank you for your friendship,
which I cherished a lot,
Thank you for your thoughtfulness,
for an unthoughtful person like me.

Thank you for your advice all the time,
though I am older than you *shhhhhhh*
Thank you for everything that you have done,
for a monkey like me. :))))

so sit back and enjoy this special day,
and MONKEY gonna SEE YOU in less than 12 hours.
*excited excited excited*

No, I am not goin to throw u any eggs nor bananas,
but hugs and kisses.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Raya Feast

I missed Raya back in Msia,
>_< *cry cry cry cry cry*

So when I came back
*and missed all the fun*
Monkey decided not to miss the food part
nyek nyek nyek nyek
Beef rendang with finely chopped kaffir lime leaves!!
I made it......
Actually I just cooked it
while JS made the rendang paste from scratch.

He woke up early
bought all the ingredients,
concoct the paste from a gazillion of I dunno wat spices.
cut n clean the beef.

and me proclaimed that I did everything!!
Lazy bum!
and ate the most.
Super Lazy Bum!!!!
Cucumber salad, recipe from Veeny.
Now I know the trick in making the cucumber as crunchy as I want.

The most important of all...
my favourite ketupat and lemang.....missing..
coz I dunno how to make...
nobody wanna make..
dunno where to buy in KL.

Raya came and went....
and Deepavali is next week,
I'm so sorry dearie friends....I have to give the open house another miss.

WTF!! *vomit blood*

I want to be a lazy bum officially now,
someone please get me another job.

So who wants my job now???
If you are interested, email me.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Me in my friends' eyes(ss)

Nee Lee aka A(h)Lien drew this on my facebook wall

My friends think I am a:
- whacko
- workaholic
- crazy nut
- power hungry person
- control queen *beauty queen can or not??*
- fussy queen *refer the above*
- seriously in need of help *yes I need money*
- goin too fast in every aspect of my life
- partay nut
- indescribable temper
- last but no least...JS said that I am L-A-Z-Y

Defenders will say Monkey works hard and partay hard.
I soooooo got to agree.
Joo suggest that I run around the mudberry bush in my facebook. Yeah it's better than climbing trees.

They also repaired the above damage by saying that I am:
- whacko (?????) *again???*
- thoughtful and caring
- sweet and fuzzy
- efficient and mature *erm....*
- easy goin to certain extent *WHAT DO U MEAN??? -_-*
- ambitious
- achiever
- understanding and patience *I did???*
- My director said that I have an old brain stuck in a young body(?!?!?!?!?!) *I think both oso getting old now*
- JS said it's my LAZINESS that makes him lurves me more. (?????!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!)

Conclusion fr the above:
I am confirmed a whacko
*whacko jacko*

oh beat it..beat it...I'm gonna do the moonwalk dance
and come gimme all your younger/small brothers!!!!

PS: With regards to the previous post, everyone has their own expectation of body weight. Hehehehehe..... I think reality bites when I can't fit into my usual size and it's a reality check that I need to lose fat/muscle/water watever.
PPS: If you see me on the street, say hi! Don't point. I hate that. >.<

Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm no longer "Petite"

Shopping in Paragon Singapore is such a bliss,
everything that I like are housed under one roof.

*off topic*
both of us desperately highly in need of a new huge wardrobe.
It's just too full that it can no longer accommodate our new apparels.
For the current wardrobe,
we just spent 16 months stuffing it from scratch.

Back to my post:
I saw this "another black dress" adorned by the mannequin,
that I kept chanting to myself...
must have must have must have must have
Armani Exchange Black Tulip Dress *minus the white crisp shirt*
as usual Monkey will reach for the smallest size,
which spells PETITE = P on its tag

in their comfy fitting room,
I was uncomfortably trying to fit into it.

Oh damn....must be the push up bra.
took it off and I still can't zip up!!!!!

"BABY!!!! can u go and get the next size for me plleeasssseeeeeeeee."
"Which one? which piece? u took so many in."
"ASK THE DAMN STAFF. They knonwwwwwwww."

and my new size came which was....
SIZE 0 (zero), after size P *petite*....

drum roll please...
more like bang my head pls and kill me as well.

"Pssttt...come me to zip up."

after a few attempts,
"I don't want to spoil the zip.....if only I can take off this piece of fat."
*pinching me*
" grrRRRRRRrrrr. WAT FAT????"

"err, this piece of meat i mean. Heeeeeeeeee."
"OUT OUT U GO and get me a bigger size!!!!"

and finally SIZE 2 was the most suitable one,
and black face Monkey came out.

"U sooo got to buy this dress for me for hurting my feelings."
giving me the biggest grin, "No prob babe."

I soooo got to lose weight....coz the next shopping wasn't flattering either.
DKNY black wool-cashmere coat
I saw the fuchsia one but JS said black is more flattering,
OK get the black one...

"NO baby, get a bigger size...this is too small."
"It's SMALL SIZE of coz it's SMALL"

Anyway I was checking for pics of my purchases above,
it's so cheap in United States....
it cost about 2.5X here in Malaysia and 2X inSingapore.
Our currency is soooo sooooo sooooo uncompetitive.
*and so is my weight!*

Time to eat less,
drink less,
snack lesser,

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm a BRO

Alex scratching his spiky hair,
coz it took so much of a trouble to fetch me to town,
in his cute RED RENAULT.

Took out his golf bag,
his golf shoes,
his drivers,

so many things...then wat do u put in the boot???

All the efforts in order to put one fat Monkey like me at the back.
anyway thank u Alex....for accommodating me and my monkey behaviors.
all the time :)...hehehe

"Cherry, next time u stay with me at Basel can or not?"
" -_-......I dowan!!!"

"U dun stay with Ms. Whitherspoon!!"
"I know we are very good friends like brothers...but can u pls treat me like a girl sometimes?"

"heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, u are my bro mar."
When I reached my hotel,
fr the balcony.....the view is a concrete jungle..
made me even more stressed!!!
at times...I just wanna see more green and blue than stainless steel and glass.
and I took a cab to Boat Quay to see JS,
Guests of hotels usually get the privilege at the cab stand...
well not in Malaysia though.
JS's fav squid ink risotto,
Chef Leonard will make this for him all the time.
Seared scallop on a soft stewed daikon,
I dun like scallops but daikon is my favourite.

Ppl been asking wat is daikon....
it's carrot? but white in color???
daikon is the japanese word but wat do u call it in english?
my fav berkshire pork.
spring lamb with rockets and apple salad,
just too much for me.....
JS has a collection of wines in their cellar,
normally he'll spend sometime before dinner to select wines for the nite.

this bottle with a beautiful nose - floral
Leonard is a self taught chef,
he commands his team like a General.
Moomba is usually full for lunch with the corporate crowd.

JS wanna install one of those halogen lamp in our future kitchen,
restaurants use them to maintain the heat in the food...or watever.
So hot that it burns my hand.
U can practically cook an egg under it.
monkey still in her working shirt.
Not to forget the most important course of any dinner....desserts.
This is new and not on the menu yet,

In house creamy vanilla ice cream served on a based of...
ecstatic WARM creamy runny yummy dark chocolate~~~~~

fat fat fat fat fat
but first...hehehehe

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Celebrating a new home

His mission: to have a good game of golf
ended: buying a new home at the golf club

and Monkey's Friday nite bcame: celebrating a new home which is not even mine.

Prince C: "We Gonna Be Neighbours :)))))))"
Monkey: >.<

whispering to JS: "Baby, why did u show him the place?"
JS: "I didn't know he'll buy on the spot."

sigh -_-

This is a conspiracy!!!
imagine two buddy staying so near to each other,
with the Malaysia's No.1 golf course right smack on their face,
everyday when they wake up.
This is not good for me
~_~ well at least there's something good for my stomach that nite,
torched toro in soyu,
which I gladly passed to the gentlemen.
Japanese snails steamed in sake and mirin,
Best SNAILS I ever had!!!!
Move over french escargot!!!!
my usual appetizer with tonnes of things I gladly passed over......
U better not pissed off hungry golfers,
just surrender your food,
whenever they are eyeing something special on your plate.
their sashimi platter,
scary yo!!!
eating like they are still in puberty.
Monkey's sashimi is so modest and yummy,
and yet THEY still wanna steal 50% outta it!!
For my grilled course,
I had grilled snapper.
My beautiful sushi platter,
and guess what I surrender??
Things I dislike: scallops and toro

Chef Ando was doin paper work that nite,
hence the chinese chef dunno wat I like/dislike.
seasonal fruits platter.
Japanese rock melon, japanese persimmon and japanese pear.

Monkey: "I bought that stopid melon fr Isetan at RM 145."
Chef: "There's this shop in Jalan Ampang. You can get at RM 120 and it's very fresh."

The above mentioned shop is beside Victoria Station,
anyone knows???? TELL ME!!!!
*My geography went down the drain after I have received Best GEO Student for SPM*
Later we adjourned out to private room for cigar,
Prince C was so happy that nite..

CEH -_-

The new place,
2009 baru siap...U wait lar..
Hopefully all the novelty will wear off by then.
Prince C gave me this Moet & Chandon's Champagne carrier,
can double up as ice bucket,
just release the zip to expand this carrier,
throw in some ice and TA-DA!!!!
Fukuya is so dark outside,
with walkways lighted with candles and bamboo trees all around.
DO NOT ATTEMPT this at home kids!!
Cigar lighter is not like match sticks ok??
It can burn your eye brow away.
*not to mention lips, nose, etc etc*
JS lurves to wear blue,
he looks fat and preggy in that color,
Me no likey.

He got the top during Tommy Hilfiger's mid season sale,
at Raffles City.
the fact that ang moh sizing is huge,
makes his shopping such a pleasure....
"I'm a size S now!!! Buy sumore!!"

Denial denial....tsk tsk.
that is why I couldn't get anything...
coz i'll be needing size XXXS

anyway Fukuya Restaurant website:

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Dear Nee Lee,
I dunno wat makes you snap the pic above,
but u sure looked cute as hell.

File pic taken in 1999
We came a long way...
it's been some years *and I can't count anymore coz I have alzheimer*
the time from House no. 12 till HB3 2014
*I got it right have I????*

those sweet memories can't be taken away.

*and some bad memories shared too*

File pic taken in 2001
Now that we are besar panjang *and also lebar*
time spent together were countable
*any alzheimer can count in this case*

I just wished that we can go back in time,

and appreciate those moments even more.
Rather than be so anti social....
and spent more time with our own computers.
the thing that I am happy about the most is,
we are still so in touch together....*all thanks to YahhooooOOooo*
that spells how much we loved to spend time with our computers.
Have a merry Happy Birthday here!!!
don't remind me that we share the same number ok?

Thank you for everything,
your guidance, patience, advice, companion, sometimes your tears,
your maggi mee, milo, mushroom soup....
and most of all..
for loving Monkey in the most perfect way any friend could!

Nee Lee, Mee Mee, Sizuka

and so we decided to meet up like after so many years......
Nee LeeSizuka = 6 years
Nee Lee Mee Mee = 5 months
Nee Lee Monkey = 2 months

SizukaMee Mee = 5 years
SizukaMonkey = 4 weeks

Mee MeeMonkey = 5 years

and we had a sumptuous lunch @ Bodoh Bodoh (Bumbu Bali)
in Puching (Puchong) instead of the Hut Cafe (Kafe Pondok)
Later we crashed into Mee Mee new home,
and yak yak yak yak till evening.

Poor Sizuka had to leave early coz her big baby is having
gum/tooth/face ache...
and of coz we cam-whored with Mee Mee's soft toy fr Disney HK...
the lil green man!!!!
I guess lil green man bcame the highlight of the afternoon.

Hugs and kisses....

Read about:
Dinner with Nee Lee
Nee Lee's Convocation

Monday, October 22, 2007

il Lido Italian Restaurant, Sentosa Island

First of all,
all the pics in this post were stolen,
cept one big fat pic of myself.
il Lido won the "Best of Award of Excellence 2007" fr Wine Spectator.
sits on a cliff facing the sea,
I would give them thumbs up for the million dollar view.
If u wanna watch the sunset,
opt for al fresco dining under the stars,
with the sea breeze.
I just gotto lurve all their transparent chairs.
il Lido has high standards for their interior.
Alessie Mediterraneo Fruit holder
even their bread basket is from Alessi,
I never thought of using this fruit basket for bread.
The main reason for lack of u can see fr the above..
this place is extremely over romantic with its lightings that I can't much..
what's more my camera...

Moreover, using flash won't be intelligent,
I will kill all the couples' romanticism that they are enjoying,
plus me looking like a jakun sakai,
in my 100% silk dress.
sakai monkey with the million dollar view
this is wat happens, when u ask someone intoxicated with alcos,
to take your pics.

Anyway can't see the beautiful sea view.
if u are not into fine dining,
they have an excellent lounge bar...
with the bartender just hot from the oven....errr...I mean
hot from the most celebrated Sky Bar in Swissotel.

il Lido Italian Restaurant,
Sentosa Golf Club,
Bukit Manis Road,
Singapore 0099892
Tel: +65 6866 1977
*by reservation only*
Visit their website for more pics.

Friday, October 19, 2007

DeLUXE Singapore

Event was OK,
just that I made such big fuss.
well that's the way I am.

"WAT?? I am the sponsor and I have to register to get in???
*doesn't make sense rite?*

"I'm so sorry m'aam. It's for security purpose."
"I'm in a rush now. Can u make this quick?"

and since I WAS THE SPONSOR,
OF COZ I didn't bring my invitation card and that means...
no entry for me.
Anyway I bising till the event organiser Miss Italy who speaks french came to me...

"ooOoooooooo, ccccchheeeeerrrrrr reeeeeee. aaaaAaahhh You must come in. Sil vous plait."

Monkey growling and grumbling.
"Miss Italy who speaks French, this is the 1st time I was stopped fr walking into an event. Wat is this?"

"Ooooh! I. Am. terrrrrribly sorry. Please allow me to bring you in."
Earth, Wind & Fire performing.....
Party Crasher Monkey & Ms Whitherspoon
Too busy to blog today,
and wat the fark am I doin now???

weekend is here.
Glad. Great. Thankful. Frus. Angry.
Must be PMS.