Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Nexus Resort, Karambunai

It's a beautiful resort, award winning..what can I say?
designed by a Hawaiian architect who also designed The Atlantis, Bahamas...

This resort has 4000 acres of land....
it's HUGE..
I can get lost here!!!
The serene view from my bedroom...
with a private access to the garden
outside my wash my sandy feet....with frangipanis...:))))
My main entrance has a small pond beside it
everywhere u turn's GREEN!!!!
I like the smell of their lemon grass, it's a different species fr the ones we used in cooking!!
6km of pristine private white sandy beach
what's that?
the wind was so strong it can blow off my head!!
the waves were pretty high
Can u pls take off your ugly resort slippers and walk barefoot with me???
JS has natural socks on his feet...
see how tanned he got....the passion and love for golf..tsk tsk...

I want to stay here for another month!!!


That's the actual name for Mt. Kinabalu
Akina = Spirit
Balu = Mountain
it's the dusun kadazan language...*erm I think so*
Sleepy hollow cowboy town - Tuaran. Can u see Mt. Kinabalu on the background?
I have not seen such "antique" coffee shop for ages!!!
We abandon our resort breakfast for this!!!!! Tuaran Noodle - superb!!
Later monkey tried to get pics of the beautiful mountain
Magnificent isn't it??
JS drove us 1000 feet above sea level for me to snap pics of the mountain
The view was.......WOW
So beautiful, so wonderful

JS made it up there more than a dozen of time...

"Is there any helicopter service to go up?"
"Yes, but only up to 10,000 feet"
the mountain is 13,435 feet!!!!!

I will reconsider to climb the mountain or not next June.....

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I want to see Kampong!!!!

Yesterday we checked into Nexus Resort at Karambunai,
It is a paradise!!!!!
More pics later but this is where I went to this morning....
JS brought me to a terror ride in his SUV!!!! My legs are still shaking!!!!
to a real real nowhere kampong!!!! He purposely drove into the ravines, drains, watever holes, longkang....u name it.
My SUV needs to exercise!!!!
WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get out or I'll get out!!!!!
swamp area at Mengkabong, my 1st time seeing a real swamp with Bakaus.
it's the 21st century and there are still ppl living on stilts!!!
an opening to the river mouth
Sungai Salut
back to civilisation!!! phew
Nexus golf course
JS drove into par 3 at Nexus Golf course to pluck something for me....
instead of a nice lovey dovey pink flower, he got me this!!! Sweet...papyrus, which can be made to paper.

Mane saya punye bunga????

Monday, December 25, 2006

Kiddy fishing

I told you I'll be goin fishing rite???
but definitely not this one.
fishing in pond at Hole 2, Sabah Golf & Country Club

The club organised a fishing competition for its members' children.
so it's meant for kids.
in 2 hours time, they managed to fished quite a number of small fishes,
Mark won 3rd prize for the most fishes caught!!!!
some other participants on the other side!! They caught a 1.2kg haruan.
while JS's nephews were busy fishing, we were busy analysing the green at hole 2
they closed the whole course for the fishing competition hence I can wear my slipper in
Later headed to Eveline's place for dinner, as usual JS cooked.
hosted dinner for 2 kim chee (korean) couples...
Dr. Kim and Dr. Yoon with their wife,
They love KK so much that they closed their clinic in Seoul,
bought properties here and golf golf golf golf everyday,

Anyway so many kim chees in town as it's winter in Korea,
esp at the airport when I arrived,
every single koreans came out towing their luggages and golf bags,

and this morning at the golf course,
all the kim chees here n there...
toking kim chee, eating kim chee...
and they thought JS is a kim can???
Dr.Kim & Dr.Yoon wives kept on commenting "he's a very handsome boy, you are very lucky"
"boy????? man lar"
maybe because he looked like kim chee....
and his chinese name is Ju korean *korean football sensation = Park Ji Sung*
confirmed a kim chee lar u JS!!!!
I don't want a kim chee boyfriend!!!!!! *cry cry cry*
me fav strawberries with icing sugar on top...yum, so christmasy

Thursday, December 21, 2006

have a blasting time and HAPPY NEW YEAR...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I didn't hear that.....

I'm scheduled for a party tonite,
by a reputable magazine...
someone got the nerve to call me
before the party to remind...

"Tonite cannot minum ok???"
"Cannot. Ok??"
from his heart, this is sooooo not gonna make it.

"Okaaaaayyyy (gave up tone). Maybe one glass...OK?"
" *o*.....hohohohoh.....sure....hohohohoho"
"Enjoy yourselves baby. See ya later."

You gave me the green light,
I will efficiently use all the chances I have.

pre-xmas dinner

I luv fresh flowers at home all the time,
been getting lilies all these while,
white, yellow, pink.
Any other suggestions?
I want flowers with nice smell.
had pre-xmas dinner with Roland & Lilian
with UCP & Fanny of coz
instead of roast turkey we had roast porky
I can't believe it was so good,
no one believed that JS made it.
goes very well with sautee caramelized pineapple
instead of stollen we had japanese flour bread
instead of pasta we had crab mee hoon
the men did all the cookings at the back, we ladies eat and..wat else..bitch around!!
I can't describe the ingredients, 3 different types of pepper, chilli oil, olive oil confit, stocks....
I made tiramisu the nite before
Tiramisu means "pick me up" in italian
not to be outshine by me, JS made a last minute spectacular poached aussie mango with vanilla syrup
we had 2 bottles of Dom Perignon, 1 Krug, 1 Moscato D'asti
Everyone went home pregnant!!!
pregnant with food except Lilian who's expecting her 1st child.