Monday, April 22, 2013

Sexay Back Maggie's last Fling before the Ring

Preparations were underway weeks in advance. We even had to lock the dates like a few months in advance, yes just for the Hen's Nite. The Bride To Be was chauffeured for the "costume" fitting. All the other accessories were put in together...

Sexay Back Maggie was really unhappy that she's gonna be a Sexay Nurse on her Hens' nite

Sexay Back: "OKAYYYY, those that are soon to be married especially next year.....U ALL WAIT OK!!!! YOUR TURN WILL COME!!!!"

oh yes I do believe in Karma.....:P

Hot Mama Thevi prepared Vodka shots jelly
those fruits were sitting in Vodka for hours and the jelly has got very high alcohol contents as well. U planning to get us drunk or the Bride to be drunks???

Anyway no alcohol for Monkey that nite coz she was still coughing her lungs out. I was seriously in URGENT NEEDS of a SEXAY NURSE attention that nite...

The so called "Doraemon" box for the Bride to Be....
condoms for sale, her prescriptions, her syringes, weird looking straws with male sex anatomy on it. Think we should call it her First Aid Kit Box instead :P

After the dinner and first few rounds of drinks, we got her to change..
Sexay Back Maggie was so NERVOUS with no appetite to eat and drink. But she downed a few shots for courage to do this....

The other ladies who met her at the toilet were wishing her Good Luck with the Hen's Nite.
Ladies: "OMG izzit ur Hen's Nite?"
Sexay Back Maggie: "Don't worry!!! Your turn will come too!!!"

U like her Costume??? WE LURVE IT!!!
coz it's all prepared in-house by her girlfriends!!!...hahahahahaha

After all our prepping-her-up works....our dearie Nurse is ready for her "roundings"
Presenting Nurse Bobo..or Nurse Vichelle......whichever......

Nurse Bobo attending to Beautiful CS
Which part of u needing attention????
Here??? Here??? or over there???

U see, Nurse Bobo is very very hard at work
Hot Mama Thevi said she's not feeling so well after all her jelly shots!!!
woman!!! u made some really wicked and evil Vodka Jelly shots OK!!!! it's pure 100% alcohols.

Devigaga who flew in just for the occasion said she needed her monthly breast check-up
No worries, that's provided by Nurse Bobo as well!!!

Nurse Bobo then proceeded with her prescription of a HUGE SYRINGE of Vodka!!!
She's damn good with her syringe...precise and accurate!!! and she operates it with only one hand.

Poor Devigaga, think she was misdiagnosed, now she's being hospitalised for real!!! Get well soon Babe and good luck with the surgery!!!!

Sweet Devil Rachel needed some implant on her boobs...
No problem!!! Nurse Bobo to the rescue!!!

From Sweet Devil Rachel's expression, that must be a painful shot!!!!
Devigaga was peeking at Nurse Bobo sexay legs and bum bum!!!

Vic is very very terrified of needles but she wanted boobs implant as well!!!!!
wah Nurse Bobo has got this really EVIL looks on her face...SCARY!!!

Soon her boobs implant is so popular with the Sal receiving her treatment with Nurse Bobo on her lap...kekekekekeke

"Hey Nurse Bobo!!! It's NOW my turn.....come here!!!!! I am in serious need of URGENT medical attention.......u coughs."
Nurse Bobo: "Oh let me give u a snog so it will go away!!!"

In the end Sharoness gave Nurse Bobo a few spanks for misbehaving...
"U are one Notti Nurse!!!"

sorry there were tonnes of pics of Nurse Bobo curing so many many men hahahaha
but all censored...nothing to be uploaded here...kekekekeke
I didn't know it's so easy to earn money this way :P just prescribing vodka shots and condoms with some minor checkups.

so ladies, if u are planning a Hen's Nite for your friend...the costume as a Sexay Nurse sure works...kekekekeke. Now I really look forward to the day Sexay Back Maggie walks down the aisle with Shy Chatwin :))))

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Dark Side

I look forward to see you......but before that I must suffer a bit...
just for a bit....
and I do hope you are worth it

packing my bags now!!!!! but with the erratic weather in Europe I don't know how to pack.

"Hello my dearie colleague at the Swiss Alps, how's the weather there?"
"It's still snowing mon cherie.....brrrRRRrrr....."

What??? in April?

and when I inquired from South western frenchie
"Oh we have lots of soleil here!!! about 25*C!!!"

how to pack???
and then there's working clothes, dresses for cocktails and parties, my casual laid back cowboy wear and even more laid back apparels to visit vignerons....

so we are really visiting the dark side this time around :))))
looking forward to it, and again I must suffer for a bit.....
*trying to be positive*

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Steamed Orange for Coughs

Monkey has been coughing her lungs out for the past 10 days....and still coughing. I've been downing the strongest cough syrup that knocks off an elephant plus I dunno wat kinda pills and lotsa other medications and yet the cough wouldn't go away. Every inch of my muscles are in pain from the involuntary coughs.

So Si Fu Lawrence recommended this remedy and I did it wrong -_-
yeah yeah according to him I can never follow instructions and according to ME he can never give proper instructions. It must be precise. If it's gear 2 it's a 2...there's no such thing as in between. If it's 500 metres away it must be exactly that....not off by a street away, or diagonally off bla bla yada yada.

So the instructions was to loosen an orange, add a tablespoon of unbleached rock sugar and double boil it for 75 minutes....I don't have organic unbleached rock sugar, so normal one will do. When I am this sick, I can't be asking for the sky.

Double boil it...
Yellow is my favourite color this season :)))) Name of this color is Dijon, if you are looking to get it fr your nearest Le Creuset retailer.

The smaller Le Creuset pot is a cute lil 16 inches cast iron pot for my instant noodle, or for my baking. Especially when the process of "melt-the-butter" is needed. While the larger one is another heavy cast iron Soup pot that can take up to 3 1/4 qt of liquid.

Si Fu Lawrence then asked me to use a cover that's non-condensation type to cover it and boil for 75 minutes.

Wat the hell is a non-condensation cover????
then I found out I can use a bamboo cover, well that's all I got at home....can't ask for the sky again. Hello Si Fu, this is only a steamed orange, why so complicated? unbleached rock sugar and now non-condensation cover...

so after 75 minutes I removed it from the heat and AIYAK!!!!
my orange laid flat PIAK

"So wat's next?"
"Eat the whole thing and drink the juice."
"HAH? including the skin?"

Si Fu -_-"
" skin...."
he must be grinding his sets of teeth speaking to me

sorry, u gotta have patience with me.
it tasted OK, sweet, errr like a cooked orange?

then another friend said I did it all wrong. I should just splice only the top, put a tsp of salt, cover it back and steam for 2 hours....I tried that too.

My cough is still around.....any remedy??? I need to fly off in a few days time and this is not looking good.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2013 Resolutions: Pandan Chiffon Cake *encore*

yea this is an Encore posting :P
hahahahha since so many of you have been asking, I will share it here again :)))) Yes recipe by yours truly after much editing and experimenting with proportions of ingredients.

the first 2 times when my cake just fell from the cake tin, Monkey wanted to cry. Imagine pouty sad face with teary eyes...

JS then took my recipe and calculated the proportion of dry vs wet ingredients
yes u READ that right...he went and did some calculation plus analysis and concluded that the % of wet vs dry ingredients isn't right so the cake can't hold up to its protein. Bla Bla bla bla...yada yada yada yada....bla bla bla bla bla
"eh JS ah....this one is cake u know.....with eggs and flour...not like your engineering mathematics formula of mixing water and cement to produce concrete ok??"
"But it's the same!!!"

wat do u mean it's the same??? that I am baking "concrete" for u to eat????

I love the sights of dark colored beautiful
so sunny and makes me smiled like a lil gal :)))))))

hahahah oh yes from sunshine color to green green grass
Monkey used only natural flavouring and natural colors
all from the juices of screwpine leaves.

Getting the cake outta its tin is a ritual
for there would be prayers that the cake baked evenly and turned out beautifully
I am alwiz proud for its height.

Nvm that it's crinkly on the top, you gonna turn it over after all and get the even symmetrical "top" which was originally the bottom.....hehehehehe

Next u'll need to cut it slowly with a SERRATED u won't kill the cake.
my first few adventure of baking this cake, with certain parts and bits of the cake dense. Not fluffy...

Now it's alwiz fluffy and soft like a sponge :)))))))))))
happy happy happy

See all the air bubbles and air pockets in there?
I think it can be better. I alwiz strive for better results each and every time I bake. Since this cake consist of coconut milk aka santan

okie so u must be waiting for the recipe again? :))))))
Here you go....lots of luck to you....and if Monkey can bake can too!!!

Simple fresh ingredients and idiot proof instructions:
7 egg yolks
3/4 cup of coconut milk/santan *use only fresh ones*
1/2 cup of vegetable oil
2/3 cup of fresh pandan juice *blend about 20 leaves with some water and squeeze the juice out*

- Mix all of the above

1/2 cup of castor sugar
1 TBSP of baking powder
1.5 cups of flour

- sieve the above and add into your gooey green mixture
- sieve the entire mixture again so u'll have really fine green alien mixture

9 egg whites *room temperature alwiz*
a pinch of salt

- whisk the above with kitchen aid at normal speed until it starts to foam
1/2 cup of castor sugar
- slowly add in the sugar as it mix.

- whisk till soft peaks

Important instruction:
- the mixing process.......between the green mixture and your egg white. Mix them in batches of 3 or 4....slowly and evenly....try to use a huge glass bowl that's not too deep. That way u can see wat's at the bottom. Slowly, evenly and gently. So gentle that you dun kill all the air bubbles created in the whisking process.

It must be fully incorporated. If you didn't mix this well, you will have dense cake like kuih!!!! Well we are making a chiffon cake not nyonya kuih ok?

Next slowly pour them into a specialised chiffon cake tin and ease it into the oven gently. Rule no. 1 of baking alwiz pre-heat your oven before you start anything. In my case I pre-heated it at 180*C but once the cake is in, I've reduced it to 160*C. Bake for 50 minutes.

Alwiz happy to see it rise :)))))))))

Once out, invert the tin. To make them stand properly, I actually inverted it into 4 tiny ramekins over a baking rack. Leave it to cool.

Can't remember how long I left it there but it must be entirely cooled when u touch it before using a knife to separate it off its side, and Ta-DA!!!!!!

Good luck and lemme know your results :))))

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wine Dinner Series: April Fool's Italian Dinner

When the email got in.....all the Wine Kakis skipped the menu listing and went down straight to the wine lists....Wat would be served on that's all Italian!!!

It's an Italian nite baby!!!!

we have a wide range of 50's, 60's and 70's from private collection. Alcoholic Anonymous ST sure knows where to source for all these....

So where can you do an Italian Wine Dinner if not at an Italian u see KL is pretty limited. There isn't many Italian restaurant around. Anyhow I find that most Italian restaurants in this region served localised italian cuisine. Not really the authentic Italiano cucina that we enjoyed in Italy.

Say for example Spaghetti Bolognese.......oh please.......this is definitely not Italian.
There's a place called Bologna in Italy and their specialty is Bolognese sauce which is a meat ragu sauce cooked over a period of time with such complexity and taste. Then this sauce cooked with such passion is usually served with flat based pasta....usually tagliatelle.

So where the hell did Spaghetti Bolognese came from?
I have no idea...but definitely invented outside of Italy....and please do not order this dish in Italy......Rest assured u'll be smacked on the face with a pan. U asked for it!!!

I lurve toasty bread....haven't been making bread for a few years now. Prollie time to re-ignite this passion of mine....But first I need to find space in my chiller to keep and continue to feed my bread starter. It's like keeping pets u know? U just gotta feed it every few days.

Famous Boulangerie around the world have bread starter passed down from generation to generation that gives the bakery distinctive taste and texture. Oh Gross~~~~

our April Fool's dinner menu
Where's the pasta??????

Soon all the guests arrived at the destination.
This room is good, it has got its own private balcony for us to smoke

We had this starter of Tuscanian Crostini, with a secret topping.....we were made to guess wat was it....everyone listed down the ingredients and was only finally revealed wat was inside.

At the end of the dinner when all food was served and all wines were tasted, Dr. Epicurean the person WHO CHOSE the MENU!!!!! unveiled its topping.

I almost ran to his chair and haul him down. I felt like punching him.....
He made me ate Cow's TESTICLES and BRAINS!!!!!!
but I didn't do it....instead I bitched about it the whole nite on the table. He was just laughing at me politely.
I'll remember it for the rest of my life. -_-

Mulberry Shan and Dr. Epicurean
Pls remember that face....if u see him, u know how he tortured me by secretly making all of us eat weird things like this.

Chilled Calf tongue
This was OK...texture would be much enjoyable if it's not cut this thin

Prince C and I-Ching
Prince C:"Aiyayayaya cow's tongue ah~~~~~"

Left to Right: Dr. JS...oh yes another JS but this one is a Dr.....MW Maho and Papa Bear Seiichi
I guess most doctors are epicurean huh?

Papa Bear Seiichi has got the best seat with the best view
he left a bit of wines fr each bottle to do re-sampling after leaving them to breathe again...

these are such old wines....sometimes they need a lil bit of time....sometimes u just need to down them quickly before they die off.

Calf sweetbread done croquette style with deep fried artichokes
I am not a fan of's considered as a delicacy worldwide. And mind u this is definitely not a bread. I had my first sweetbread back in Milan and didn't like it so I don't think I'll have much thought for this one.....

So Wat's Sweetbread??? it's thymus of animals, u know the on the neck...The other part that's used as sweetbread is I don't know if we had the pancreas or the thymus that nite...

ohhhh at this juncture I am sensed this dinner is not my thing with organs served at every course. Why didn't I check the menu first before RSVP for this dinner T_T

To redeem itself, the wines were interesting. More aged Barolo from the 50's
it's more than 50 years ago and still so drinkable. So Italian wines can really age over time. Hence most of our italian wines in the region of 80's are not ready to be drunk. Not to mention Spanish...the 70's are not ready yet. Ohhhh.....that's why I prefer French wines....hahahahaha

a beautiful saffron infused risotto which was cooked accordingly to the Milanese style. A good risotto must be al dente with that soft crunch in the middle of the grain. A dollop of a rich Bone Marrow, just a small dollop but enough to go around bcoz bone marrows are so so so darn rich. 

oh so sinful.

this was the only dish I really ATE.

moving on to late 60's and 70's we had Brunello do Montalcino by Biondi Santi
Biondi Santi passed away peacefully on 8th April 2013, a week after this dinner. On the same date, this very same gang gathered again for another Italian wine dinner series which Monkey skipped. After Monkey had this one, she just said thanks but no more Italian for me. I just didn't wanna waste money attending wine dinners that I don't enjoy....until.....until I found out the 2nd Italian wine dinner was held at Cilantro.

Monkey raised her palm faced the ceiling....WHY?!?!?!??!?!!?
organiser Alcoholic Anonymous ST...WHY???? next time u must tell me!!! I would have switched....I WAS FREE on 8th April!!!!

and it was even more meaningful to toast to the winemaker on the very same day. So here at this moment as I am bloggin...I raised my glass and toast to Mr. Santi for all the great wines u've made.

Veal Tripe cooked Roman style.....

Dear Chef, if you were wondering the plate which was returned to your kitchen untouched, it was MINE. Yes it was mine because the smell was awful. Life is too short for bad food, if I am gonna put calories into my body, it better be worth it. Sorry, I just couldn't take it.

I was pretty frustrated at this juncture because this dinner is definitely not for me. It made me enjoyed my wines lesser :((((( Enuff said....

MW Maho agrees with Monkey
Life is too short.
YA!!!! too short!!!!

Selection of cheeses from Italy with simple condiments

I've forgotten wat was this called...
pls blame it on the offal served that has the effects of wiping out my memories.

a delicate dessert of some sort of cakes.....

Menu was approved by Dr. Epicurean -_-"
guess he had enuff of me drilling about this dinner over and over again.

Wines line up

Alcoholic Anonymous ST was enquiring when am I gonna blog about this dinner...Monkey was -_-"
"Need to meh??? I don't blog about food that I don't like....u should have notice by now?"
Alcoholic Anonymous ST: "Well u can just skip the food and post pics of the wines!!!!"

so this post is for YOU by your request

overall we had:
Brunello di Montalcino by Biondi Santi - 1969, 1970, 1980

Barollo by Cappelano - 1950, 1954, 1957, 1962
Barolo by F.Rinaldi - 1968
and a Barolo Selezione by Rinaldi as well - 1970

the food served that nite was off its usual menu, I guess iL Lido has got decent food from its usual standard menu.

il Lido Restaurant
Lot 183, Jalan Mayang,
(off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng)

50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 603 2161 2291