Thursday, April 18, 2013

Steamed Orange for Coughs

Monkey has been coughing her lungs out for the past 10 days....and still coughing. I've been downing the strongest cough syrup that knocks off an elephant plus I dunno wat kinda pills and lotsa other medications and yet the cough wouldn't go away. Every inch of my muscles are in pain from the involuntary coughs.

So Si Fu Lawrence recommended this remedy and I did it wrong -_-
yeah yeah according to him I can never follow instructions and according to ME he can never give proper instructions. It must be precise. If it's gear 2 it's a 2...there's no such thing as in between. If it's 500 metres away it must be exactly that....not off by a street away, or diagonally off bla bla yada yada.

So the instructions was to loosen an orange, add a tablespoon of unbleached rock sugar and double boil it for 75 minutes....I don't have organic unbleached rock sugar, so normal one will do. When I am this sick, I can't be asking for the sky.

Double boil it...
Yellow is my favourite color this season :)))) Name of this color is Dijon, if you are looking to get it fr your nearest Le Creuset retailer.

The smaller Le Creuset pot is a cute lil 16 inches cast iron pot for my instant noodle, or for my baking. Especially when the process of "melt-the-butter" is needed. While the larger one is another heavy cast iron Soup pot that can take up to 3 1/4 qt of liquid.

Si Fu Lawrence then asked me to use a cover that's non-condensation type to cover it and boil for 75 minutes.

Wat the hell is a non-condensation cover????
then I found out I can use a bamboo cover, well that's all I got at home....can't ask for the sky again. Hello Si Fu, this is only a steamed orange, why so complicated? unbleached rock sugar and now non-condensation cover...

so after 75 minutes I removed it from the heat and AIYAK!!!!
my orange laid flat PIAK

"So wat's next?"
"Eat the whole thing and drink the juice."
"HAH? including the skin?"

Si Fu -_-"
" skin...."
he must be grinding his sets of teeth speaking to me

sorry, u gotta have patience with me.
it tasted OK, sweet, errr like a cooked orange?

then another friend said I did it all wrong. I should just splice only the top, put a tsp of salt, cover it back and steam for 2 hours....I tried that too.

My cough is still around.....any remedy??? I need to fly off in a few days time and this is not looking good.


elle said...

I think you need to ascertain whether your cough is a dry or wet cough (easily googleable). My boyfriend got over his bout of cough my drinking very strong ginger juice (boiling old ginger with water) and 'kai sek' - watch what you eat and avoid chicken at all cost. Otherwise if you want something quicker I heard cordyceps are wonderful to cure coughs, available at all chinese drug stores :) hope this helps!

CHER-RY said...

Good morning Elle,
Thank you for the remedy. Mine is a really dry cough. How long do I boil the ginger for?

Chasing Food Dreams said...

I double boiled Chinese Yellow Pears... they are good for the lungs... maybe you can try this.

Just double boiled one Chinese yellow pear with skin removed and cut half. Add in 2 tbsp water and double boiled for half hour. Drink up the water eat the fruit flesh. You can add rock sugar if you want for a sweeter taste else its also ok. Repeat this fro several days... its not a magic fruit so it does take a few times to work.. :) hope you get well soon...

* No chicken or eggs for you ya... ;)

LianneK said...

over here, cough patients are usually advised to do inhalation with very salty hot water, sorta like vaporising your lung gateway. salt is a very powerful remedy and cost next to nothing. the asthma patience here are mostly sent to beach holiday aka treatment home in north sea just to inhale the sea salt air too- why not give it a try ... you need to do this 3-5 times a day, just boil a pot of hot water, add lots of salt in, put your face over it and inhale in the steam with a cloth over your head. hope it helps!

CHER-RY said...

Thank you ladies!!! I am gonna get chinese pear and sea salt today. Will update on my condition :)))

Have a lovely weekend. Muakssss!!!

elle said...

Sorry for the late reply! His mother pounded the ginger and boiled the remains with water - not sure how long! Until 'yap mei'? It was crazy gingery. But on google it says generally boiling ginger is very good even with honey. Get well soon dear~

Unknown said...

Hi there,
I have been following your blog and let me say, Fantastic posts on gastronomic adventures! Keep it coming.
I want to share with you that I too recently have been having a 3 week long cough and I have discovered a new remedy.
Try putting about 3 table spoons (sometimes I put more cos maybe I am a little kiasu) of Three Legs Pe Pa Kao (Ubat Batuk Herba) into 500ml mineral water; I bought the Pe Pa Kao from Guardian. Keep taking sips. My cough, altho not 100% gone, has been dramatically improved after about 3 days.
I've learnt that cough is something you requires time to heal. But this was one way that helped sped up the process.
Good luck and safe travels on your next journey!

CHER-RY said...

Hey everyone, thanks for all the remedies....I've tried everything and the cough is still here. Can't do much anymore coz I am flying off in a few hours time.

Thanks again for your support. Lurve u all :)

PS: the steamed chinese pear was very very delicious. Can make it as desserts in the future.