Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Beautiful CS's Birthday @ Vila Manja

everything was under wrapped for the Birthday gal
the preparation was so detailed including her birthday cake
Hot Mama Thevi attended a culinary class in Starhill a few weeks ago and attempted a sinful to die for chocolate cake topped with pretty macarons.

 She was praying in front of her oven
"Please have feet, please have feet, please have feet...."
U'll know that it's a successful macarons when they have pretty feets like the above....
okie akka!!! now u can conduct Masterclass at ur home...I'm definitely signing up.
*read about my previous Masterclass with Chef Hot Mama Thevi at her beautiful kitchen here*

I really salute this woman

Hot Mama Thevi kept the gals updated on the cake which she had to prepare 2 days in advance prior to Beautiful CS's birthday.....all of us were praying for her.

the Birthday GAL gonna lurve it

oh she better be for all the hardwork and sweat and worries and stress and prayers
the cake was not only beautiful but so yummy
made with olive oil, flour, chocolates and free range eggs.....a healthier version of a chocolate cake...hahahahaha

The Macarons were sandwiched with dark or white chocolate ganache fillings
please please please conduct a Masterclass soon ok :))))))))

Beautiful CS and Sexay Back Maggie

Birthday gal got a lovely surprise bcoz she was driven to Vila Manja by Sexay Back's hensem driver, thinking it was a quiet afternoon between the two ladies, afternoon tea and a session of catching up.

anyhow.....when she arrived, my big ass car was a gave away...she knew it already....
I should have camouflage my car in the future....
It was also a gave away during Hot Mama Thevi's Birthday a few years ago at Carcosa Seri Negara
*read about it here*

Beautiful CS was so happy beyond words, she decided to karate-chop us for keeping this a hush hush secrets for a few weeks.

It almost caused a havoc bcoz everyone had to be Oscar winners actresses to pull on stunts and pretended to have forgotten her birthdays.

Soon our Spa session started.....
of 2.5 hours of bliss, relaxation and catching up of coz hahahaha
with an array of afternoon tea served at this place

Beautiful CS was so ecstatic!!!
a birthday surprise, beautiful gifts, yummy healthy homemade cake topped with macarons made with love....and a fireworks candles.

Million Dollar Smile Encee was dashing fr places to places to get candles...and this was the best.
Monkey: "hey this isn't candle????"
Macho Mani: "Wow these are for the clubs. U gonna burn the cake!!!!"

Her cake is on FIRE!!!!!
only Hawt Babe Shen dared to light the cake up with her ciggie lighter. Coz there isn't a candle wick nor any strings on it to ignite the candle. That's why I don't think it's a candle!!! it looked like a TNT bomb!!!!
When Hawt Babe Shen was lighting it up nonchalantly...everyone dashed 5 feets away!!! and soon sparkle and fireworks shoot up 5 feet high!!!! Then we realised we need to snap pic!!! hahahahahha.

Top left to right Birthday gal with:
Hot Mama Thevi, terima kasih so much for the beautiful cake & Macarons
Sweet Devil Rachel and Macho Mani who was not supposed to be at the spa but he came to pick his lovely wife home....
Sexay Back Maggie who planned this outing
Birthday Gal :)))))
Million Dollar Smile Encee, terima kasih for ur fireworks in da club TNT candles
Hawt Babe Shen
and finally the beautiful cake hahahahhaha

may all your wishes come true

Vila Manja
Villa 41, Jalan Damai,
Off Jalan Tun Razak,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2161 5418

Do check out all the cooking classes available in Starhill at its prestigious Culinary Studio:


Chasing Food Dreams said...

holy smoke!! I love the candle... where can I get one like this??? :D

gorgeous cake....

js said...

Be careful food dreams........u need special licence for such fireworks display :))) will have to hold a masterclass and teach monkey and me how to make those supa macaroons :))

Anonymous said...

That cake is really gorgeous..esp. with the macarons. I thought of asking u where to buy.LOL!
Wonderful outing for the birthday gal. BTW...that "candle" last for how many seconds? or minutes? ;-)

Loose said...

Wow..The cake is really gorgeous! Even more beautiful is the effort and dedication in creating the whole event.. *salute*

neil said...

Your friend, Thevi, is so talented! =)

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: You can get them at GooGoo Wonderland

JS: yup we are soooo gonna attend her Macarons Masterclass

Melissa: Yes gorgeous and delicious cake. The candle burn for at least 30 seconds I think???

Loose: Thank you babe

Nee Lee: Yeah she is. Our Domestic Queen :))))