Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tea at Carcosa Seri Negara

it was a SURPRISE tea party for Hot Mama Thevi
but the surprise wore off coz Stuart Lil couldn't act well :P
and worse all of us parked our cars at the dearie entrance of Carcosa Seri Negara
like some car show rooms :P

Hot Mama Thevi didn't looked surprise upon her grand entrance
"I saw Miss Alpine parked there :P"
ok my bad :(

Sweet Devil Rachel brought lovely balloons
while Hawt Babe Shen brought all the beautiful flowers arrangement
for the tables and window sills.
Stuart Lil and his friend Innocent Anter
Stu was introducing the Malaysian's culture to Innocent Anter who's fr Australia
Stuart Lil: "U see, msians have english tea during the weekend like this and...."
all of us giggled kikikikikikikikikikikikikiki
coz it's definitely FALSE
nice tea set for my playhouse :D
dress code were set....sunnies with lovely dress and a hat
the men must come in pink
somehow guess men are alwiz bad with instructions, only 2 came in pink
there's 2 selections for afternoon tea
the above was the local afternoon tea set
with cucur udang, pisang goreng, murtabak, kuih lapis,
tonnes of other stuffs I dunno :P
*so much so for being cultural ahem*
the english tea set
with sandwiches, english fruit cake,
creme brulee, chocolate tarts, croissants etc
somehow my product knowledge for this tray is better :P pffftttttt
scones which I can throw and kill someone
nothing beats Scones at Harrods London :))))))))))))))
with its thick fresh cream and yummy strawberry jam with strawberry chunks

the one we got at Carcosa was some weird half past cream
and a shocking pink jam-liked material/chemical

service was very very poor here
guess we came here for the ambience only :)))))))))
ambience definitely fabulous!!!!!
we only ordered 3 trays to share
back: Sweet Devil Rachel, Hawt Babe Shen. Hot Mama Thevifront: Amily fr Taipeh, Devigaga, Monkey
we were our usual self and the men were teaching us how to behave
like a proper english laydee

Devigaga: "eh farker pass me the jam."

Stuart Lil: "eh....pls lar...we r here right now...say lar....Sir, would you mind passing over the jam pleaseeeeeee?"

hmmmm must learn tea drinking session from Stu
and point our lil pinkie finger when we stir our teas/sipping teas
then it's pressie time!!!!
Hot Mama Thevi trying on a headband
so pretty!!!!!
good choice there Devigaga
Hot Mama said she can cook as sensually as Nigella Lawson
:)))))))))) yes definitely!!!!!
that's y u r Hot Mama
pressie fr Sweet Devil Rachel
and nice charm fr Thomas Sabo
she quickly put it onto her Thomas Sabo bracelet
a white dress fr Hawt Babe Shen
which was so spring/summer!!! very very nice

Monkey got Hot Mama a Sexay RED Colander fr Typhoon
"How did u know I want this!!!"
yeah coz it's so uuuuu Thevi!!! I oso wanted to get u those coffee tea cookies canister
but couldn't find it in Malaysia....maybe should have shop online :P

the selections here in Msia were so limited
log onto www.typhoonhousewares.com

then came the ice cream cake!!!!!!!

faster cut we are hungry!!!!
yes she's 13 years old :))))))))))

Hot Mama Thevi & Stuart Lil

Stuart Lil and his friend Innocent Anter
maybe he's not so innocent after all
but we are definitely a bad example/sample
to show u how msians are really like

Sweet Devil Rachel and her Miemie
*she calls herself Mrs.Miemie these day*
anyhow u r still Macho Mani in my blog :)))))

Hawt Mama Shen & Hawt Papa Allen
they were relieved coz it's a private weekend for them
minus the kiddos :))))))))))))))))
Monkey with the other 2 sexay
Amily fr Taipeh and Devigaga
Innocent Anter is Up Up and away~~~~~~
Happy Birthday again Hot Mama Thevi
hope u enjoyed the afternoon as much as we did
despite us being the noisiest table
and the pianist had to play out loud to muffled out our X-rated conversations :P

A lil bit bout Carcosa
it was constructed by Sir Frank Sweettenham in 1896
as his official residence
today it's a hotel run by the GHM group

Carcosa Seri Negara
Taman Tasik Perdana,
Persiaran Mahameru,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2295 0888


Tsu Lin + + said...

BTW, is it true they will be closing down, or not allowed for public soon??? I read somewhere... betul ke?

CHER-RY said...

TL: yep u r rite!!! the GOV did not renew the lease for the hotel.....have yet to find out wat's the reason...