Wednesday, June 16, 2010

REAL privacy :P

JS hopped straight into the pool
and created a HUGE splash onto us

I didn't know he was such a pool fanatic until that day
why yea?
JS: "Coz i was very hot!!! the weather was so humid!!!!"
ooooOooooo rupa-rupanya

the River Pool cascaded from one to another and formed 7 different pools
it's only exclusive to Villa guests
errr so does that mean nobody stay in the villa?
guess at that timing, everyone's out at the beach or other pools
I dun remember how many pools they've got
this JS didn't let go of any single pools
he swam and dipped in every of it
including the small lil one which was less than 2 feet in depth
and looked like a stranded whale on a beach

Monkey's fav sleeping place~~~~at the edge


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