Thursday, June 17, 2010

Breakie at Dava Restaurant

JS and his sleepy face :P

look at his GIGANTIC tai farn shue camera

that thing weighs a few KG at least :P

so all villa guests have a choice to dine at Dava or Padi

*Dava is exclusive only to villa guests*

we thought of goin to Padi one of those mornings....but after trying out Dava

I think we can give Padi a miss lar

Dava is a floating restaurant with stunning ocean view

and frangipanis around

over looking the koi fish pond

as u dine, u can watch staffs feeding the fish

or just retrieving flowers fr the trees

"Can I have one flower pls!!!"

so there's more privacy at Dava
services was really top notch
the team at Dava was SUPER accommodating

all guests at Ayana alwiz get to choose wat they want
fr the color of the slippers to the exact table they wanna be seated
to the exact spot they want on the beach
nothing is impossible here :P

so we were given a menu to order our breakfast
yup they serve breakfast ala carte here with choices of modern contemporary to classic cuisines

when u see there's japanese on the menu
and all staffs speak japanese here...
dun be surprise to see japanese everywhere :P

we were alwiz mistaken at japanese tourists as well
Konnichiwa JS-San!!! arigato goizamasu!!!

aiseehhh thanks to JS's multi asian look
can be thai, can be chinese, can be korean, can be Indonesian, can be japanese
can also be nepalese :P

arrays of freshly baked pastries
errr so many of em....can I have the whole tray? :)

amuse bouche aka appetizer complimentary fr chef
it was a sweet pancake-liked yummy lil thing

dear Cilantro Jason, if u r reading this...
even breakfast got amuse bouche leh!!!!!

sometimes we get asian amuse bouche
the above was a yummy deep fried wonton with japanese umami sauce

flaky almond pastries
their croissants was superb coz this place uses lard to make it
how often can u find croissants with lard in msia? :(
none!!! none!!! NIL!!!!

so folks who are travelling to europe...
do enjoy their flaky lardy yummylicious fantabulous croissants yea

98% of ppl in Bali are Hindu so they do take pork
in fact the national dish here in Bali = Babi Guling
hiak hiak hiak hiak hiak
sounds like paradise already to me

every morning we were greeted with a huge smile
and bottomless pour of fresh juices

do u like the glass holder?
Balinese are really good with hand-crafted stuffs
it's also a great place to shop for furnitures
well that's another long long story

Monkey started her day with fresh local fruits
yup passion fruits are good here
the weather in Bali permits such crops to be grown bountifully

JS had yogurts
guess we were never this healthy for breakfast hor?
usually I'll just have a cuppa!!!
think I kinda forgotten to snap pic of our cappuccinos

our butler Francy highly recommeded the cappuccinos and he's right
thank u Francy :D

sometimes Monkey had freshly cut sweet oranges and bitter grapefruits with lemons
mints leaves with a few dashes of sumac
topped with slices of avocados...
Balinese lurve avocados...and so do I :D

JS and his wabbit food
the above was just starters for breakfast
yup it was a 3 course breakkie :D

the head staff there was so kind to snap our pics....a couple of times

can we eat now???? can we???? quick!!!!!

told ya these two menace can make a lot of noise

and disturb the other patrons who really enjoy quaint quiet and beautiful morning

*how lar have romantic diner for 2? think we'll outdo the traditional balinese music performers with our noises*

organic eggs with waffle at the bottom
crisp fried bacon strips and more avocados
served with sun dried tomatoes

JS and his egg cocotte
with fresh italian flat leaf parsley and more tomatoes!!!!

my poached duck eggs with asparagus
parmesan and crispy bacons

I was so unlucky that day coz they ran out of duck eggs
my only disappointment

Dear Laskmi the F&B director....pls take note yea
must have duck eggs all the time :D

Dava's specialty  - their fried rice
served with rempeyek, pork and chicken and beef satays

yeah I know it looks like a hell lot of food
but these pics were taken over 2 breakfast...
so pls bear with me....
we dun eat that much ....really...:P

the cendol
I'm not really a fan of cendol but the headstaff insisted that we try
nice combo with all the fruits including my fav mango!!!

mango crepe
well by the time they were serving dessert, we were pretty stuffed
but overall it was a great breakkie

how to hit the pools with a stomach looking like a hippopotamus?
yes one thing for sure...can float effortlessly
hiak hiak hiak

so now u understand why we never make it to the other breakfast place - Padi?
prollie next time we should just try :D


Wei's said...

OMG! The breakfast..... O.O The eggssss!! drooling already... =( =(

CHER-RY said...

Baby Wei: yes organic eggs. trying doin poached eggs with our local kampong sure can achieve this result :P