Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Birthday Dinner at Lafite

JS made reservation for the two of us....yes just the two minus Berr
coz it's kinda silly to bring a pink elephant here :P:P:P
we dun usually dine at Lafite unless both our favourite restaurants were booked for events
*slaps forehead*
the onion bread with mustard seeds cream
the buns were warm, soft and yummy...it's good enuff to eat it on its own
the mustard seeds cream was buttery and tasted like Pringles perisa Sour Cream
heeeeeeeeeeeee didn't know JS ordered a St.Vivant :P
by Dominique Laurent
JS: "it's not a very good maker...so so only.."
"but still....helloooo knock knock!!!! it's still a RSV!!!"
foie gras mousee on waffle with caramelised pear
it was very very good :)))))))))
JS was a bit worried that we over ordered and kept on asking the maitree d if the portions are ok?
and when his appetizer came.....

"Besarnyaaaa your caviar doughnut!!!!"
JS -_-" and finished em in 3 bites

"Besarnyaaaa your mulut!!!!"
JS :'(
taglioni with truffles served with daikon cress
I kinda forgotten wat was this :P
i think it's a mushroom dish with parmesan cream
it was good that JS whacked 50% of my dish :((((((
wagyu cheek with celeriac fingers and brussels sprouts
we shared a dessert - Lemon Tree
everything presented were edible except the perspex
break the "lemon" and out came the raspberry and was it coconut cream?

overall dinner was ok
wine was good
the company was excellent

can't compare to Chef Kevin Cherkas's days
he is now happily after working at Shangri-la Singapore instead
yeah I think the diners there are more appreciative towards his creation

KL's dining scene has got plenty of room to grow...
way way way plenty...
*is there such word*

if El Cerdo is the top 5 restaurant in Msia voted by the Miele Guide 2009
then u go and ponder about it ok?
I think my spore makan minum gang also pengsan
a tiramisu creation
kinda looked so tipsy already
the RSV was so good think I had too many glasses :P

as usual the wine cost more than the dinner
I think that's the way it should be for us :))

Lafite French Restaurant
*think it's more fusion than traditional french*
Shangri-la Hotel,
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2032 2388

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