Monday, June 21, 2010

Belated Birthday celebrations

apart fr birthday celebrations
*2 in fact*
it was also our cameras outing day

Leica pls say hi to Shell Shell's Nikon and also Nee Lee's Olympus Pen

in fact the men came along
and it was so so so simple
gave them a TV and they sat quietly and watched for 4 hours
I lurve these well trained men
hiak hiak hiak hiak
Mee Mee had just given birth so we decided to celebrate the birthdays
at her house, at the same time can see Baby Rei :)

Potluck brunches are fun, let's do this more often kay sisters :)
and all of us CAN'T COOK
so the best way was the buy ready to eat food

Nee Lee whom stays in Kajang were requested to supply
yummylicious chicken satays fr the famous town

with its thick peanut sauce
it's only in Kajang that u separate the chili oil and peanut sauce
and u adjust the amount of spiciness u need by adding a dollop
or two or more into your peanut sauce
a must with satays = authentic ketupat, cucumber and onions
why authentic? coz I hate those commercialised one made fr plastic wrapping
just dunk into hot boiling water to get errrr not ketupat but more like nasi impit
satays are my favourite
top list fav local food other than nasi lemak!!!!
Monkey even offered to Baby Rei?

"Hey Baby....u want some satays!!!!?"

Baby Rei: "coooooo.....coooooooo......cooooooooo"
and continued to drools~~~~~

Mee Mee, Baby Rei grow up so fast!!!!!
and beginning to look a lot more like Teofu

another favourite...all time since I could spell out Kentucky
hiak hiak hiak
KFC that's where I want to be!!!!!

high in transfat and also saturated fat
but it's my comfort food...heeeeeeeeeeeee
Shell Shell brought this KFC
how convenient these days...there's even drive-thru!!!!

Shell Shell is prepping up for her wedding shoots soon
and will be goin on a strict diet
okie so this will be your last sinful meal :)))))))))))

Nee Lee & Lil Gal who's not so lil anymore
how kids grew up so fast

hair pulling session!!!!!
but there are also some kiddo who don't grow up
more like refused to grow up
hence I'll alwiz be the
notti monkey :)
and yup Monkey brought a simple blueberry, baby spinach and toasted almond salad
which was so easy coz it's kinda errrmmm pre-packed from Isetan
heeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeee
and also endless supply of Ribena and sweet lychees which we didn't have time to consume

most pictures stolen from Shell Shell & Nee Lee
thank u ladies :))))))))))))

Bee Ree that's me!!!
and Shell Shell :))))))))))))))

nope it's not our real names at all
just pet names we call each other adorably for the past 10 years
for a moment, the cake was a STAR
well let it be a star for a while lar..
before it ends its life in our mouth and stomachs...kekekkee

Mee Mee actually bought a Japanese Cheese Cake and left it in her office's fridge
am sure your colleagues had a jolly great time chomping on it the following monday.

yeah we r now the same age
as Nee Lee
and as at last Saturday so was Mee Mee
*Ladies, we need to plan the birthday luncheon*

make wishes!!!
and I wanna be notti forever~~~

presenting the award to the best student
thanks roomie and housie *is there such word?*
for this wonderful book
I will try to visit all the places mentioned :)
Shell Shell writing sweet notes into the book

and Shell Shell got endless supplies of BodyShop
coz all of us gave her different stuffs of the same brand
great minds think alike eh?
finally the men who's been glued to the tele set were made to work
snap pic for the ladies

I think as long as there's food and tele
they are well taken care of


licheng said...

is that a Leica d-lux 4???

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: U R BACK!!!!! how's the mad mad travel? u did Asia like for how many days?

Yes u have very sharp eyes's the limited ed d-lux 4...had it for bout 14 months or so :)