Monday, June 28, 2010


Monkey is away........

I've been receiving "complaints"
that I'm alwiz AWAY
on holiday or on work trips etc

errrr yes in fact my life is that hectic
not a single weekend spent doing nothing
*oh dear I really missed those type of weekends, haven't been doing that for years*

am so busy that I dun have time to move into my new home :P
company didn't allow me to take 1 mth sabbatical leave
to facilitate this move
eh come's SABBATICAL meaning I'm on unpaid leave
u get the save $$$$$!!!!!

wat have u bcome dear Monkey
corporate slave?
time to slow down
*shake my head*
there's no time to slow down...
a lot of things in your life waiting to be achieved
many ppl out there to meet
more deals to secure than u could ever imagine
so many friends to catch up with
and most of all, remember to ENJOY it all along the way

I lurve my life :)))))))))))))))))))))))))

Happy Monday folks!!!!
u only live once...
so choose to live it with excitement and the WAY u wanted it

nobody can chart your own destiny
remember u r the CAPTAIN of your own boat :))))))))
*hey eeee heey yoooo..... steer the boat down south to Singapore now*

1 comment:

js said...

but just for today the ship keptan is no other than your boss :)