Friday, June 18, 2010

The Rock Bar, Ayana Resort

Rock Bar sits at the edge of those volcanic stones
*anyhow Bali was formed this way*

Rock Bar is a must go whenever u r in Bali for its beautiful sunset
the ambience and the spirit of being there
well u just have to be there to feel it
kenot describe dy :P
We were lucky to have stayed in Ayana to enjoy this beautiful bar :)
we came here everyday for sunset....kekekekekekeke
to access one must go down via the tiny beautiful white cute elevator
that looked more like roller coaster

otherwise take the stairs
but our legs *okie i admit more like only my legs* were so tired
fr swimming and kicking inside the pool :P
just like a few minutes down only
but the lil elevator can only accommodate 4 person at a time on the way down
and 3 person up

Rock Bar opens from 5pm daily...
so be sure to come like errrm...4.30pm bcoz it's alwiz FULL by 5pm sharp
unless if it rains
priority are given to resort guests
I really hate the word no reservation :"(
lurve their bar
it has a glass top that looked like a huge sheet of ice
definitely set the mood of icy cold drinks...
there are seats at the lower deck too
currently Rock Bar is expanding
coz it's really really limited with the number of guests

u can see the queue of eager guests lining up at the reception
I would be very disappointing if I were them :P
coz GAWD knows how long u have to wait to get a table :D
they do have a canapes menu here if u r hungry
fr chicken pop corns to small cute lil pizza
the above was mozzarella fingers fried wrapped in spring roll skin
with basil dips

I was surprised to find it was real fresh MOZZARELLA
dear gourmet friends, u'll know which cheese I'm referring to
not the processed one
Bintang Beer is Indonesia's pride
think the alcohol content is less then 3% but on the bottle it states less than 5% or was it 4%?
it's so smooth
Monkey had a yummy Mangotini!!!!
very nice pic composed by JS
*by the way credits to JS for all pics taken in Bali*

the lower deck also filled up very quickly
lurve the waves hitting against the rocky cliffs
when the tide is high....guests on the front line do get wet
hence all the towels around

but it's such an exhilarating experience
enjoying your cold drinks
the smell of sea, with good friends, yummy finger foods
and suddenly u hear a loud crash of waves hitting the rocks underneath u
so fun to watch ppl got wet fr the waves and screaming away in laughter
tapioca chips n the lil frangipani that fell fr my hair :P
Ayana Resort serves *do u call serve if it's inedible?*
hot or cold towel according to needs
think I prefer icy cold towels :D
we sat at the highest tier
with a private viewing deck
coz JS needs AMPLE unobstructed view to set his tiga kaki TRIPOD
*slaps forehead*

and started clicking the moment he fninished his setup
all I could do was to roll my eyes
coz every single occupants there thought we were some production company
trying to shoot pics for some advertising company
*more rolling eyes*

anyhow he took plenty of amazing superb pics
so totally worth all my slapping forehead + rolling eyes
slurp slurp slurp slurp
kinda forgotten the name of this but TOTALLY YUMMY cocktail
concoction of lychee, lime and liquer
the table next to us ordered the same

"I want that one..the exact one that beautiful pink lady is drinking"
thought cocktails are meant for ladies

saw some regulars there who actually have their own private bottles of in they keep their bottles there :P
so come by here...
enjoy the sunset
and watch the time goes by

The Rock Bar,
Ayana Resort,
Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran,
Bali 80364 Indonesia.
Tel: 62 36 170 2222


Anonymous said...

wow...i totally AMAZED & 'tai hoi ngan kai' @_@ (buka mata besar besar)

licheng said...

gorgeous gorgeous pics..the last one seems so silhouetty.

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: Nice blog there :) Keep up the great work!!!

Kindy Chai: babe, lemme know once u r safely back in the states. Travelling this way can really kill!!! u r macam michael jackson touring round the world :P
like wat? US-KUL-HKG-JPN-US?