Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What a delight!!!

we got back fr our yummy seafood dinner at Jimbaran Bay
to a surprise!!!!
*will blog bout this seafood place - Jimbaran soon...soon....soon*

the bedroom was lighted beautifully in tealight candles
3 huge scented candles were set inside the room
wow I can see some efforts were needed to carry the 3 giant

petals of roses and frangipanis were everywhere on the floor
and we were trying hard not to step on any

awwwww Berr was used as one of the "prop" too on the bed
oh dear Berr....

"Wat the....did u arrange for this?"
JS who was so eager to hop onto his pool was blur...."errrr wat?"
it was our Sweet Butler Adi who decorated the whole room :)))))))))))
so very sweet of him :)))))
he was the one whom arranged our Jimbaran dinner as well
we got picked up, and had a very personal service at the restaurant
and mind u it's a very simple casual restaurant by the beach
and was sent home by the restaurant after our yummy meal :D

"How r we gonna sleep now?"
JS just pushed all the frangipanis aside
"voila!!! there!!!! now your majesty u can retire....and sleep well"
ish ppl used so much of efforts to do this ok!!!!
anyway thank u so much Adi
u have been so accommodating throughout our stay
hope to see you again when we are in Bali


neil said...

Very nice! :)

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: The staffs at Ayana really know how to pamper its guests :D

Wei's said...

awwww so sweet of them.. hehe.. but not romantic dy after he push the flowers away.. lol

Anonymous said...

Aiyah.... I tot the wooden board will be "Will u marry me?" instead of have a wonderful night.....



CHER-RY said...

Baby Wei: Guess he's not romantic after all...*nyek nyek nyek*

Elly: Sorry to disappoint u kekekekek....It's actually leaves fr frangipani tree that the butler used it to write creative!!!!

Anonymous said...


Not too worry. I will wait patiently for that post! :)