Friday, July 02, 2010

Bumbu Bali, Tg. Benoa

Bumbu Bali is a very much celebrated restaurant in Bali
*pls do not compare this one with the one at Bandar Puteri Puchong*
it is the finest and extremely authentic restaurant that serve purely Balinese food just the way how it's being served at most Balinese homes

Opened in 1997 by Chef Heinz von Holzen
*ok he's Swiss*
together with his lovely wife Puji
Chef Holzen is very much a Balinese himself
He's a chef, an entrepreneur and also a writer
famously known as the person whom introduced Balinese food to the eyes of the world
the ambience is really beautiful
with 4 pavilions and lotsa open space with frangipani trees around

Monkey specifically requested for a table under the STARS!!!!
reservation was made errr 3-4 weeks in advance, just in case
coz at this place u can't walk in and demand for a table
it's FULL every single nite
one of the sculptures under the tree
I think it is a God that they worshiped

The restaurant was very accommodating
we called to get them to arrange for a transport for us
and so they picked us up right on time
and prollie our forehead were written with words "I'm HUNGRY"
coz despite all the tourists at the lobby...the driver knew exactly which one is his customer
the boys!!! with lil frangipani on their head
it's a tradition for men and women to display flowers on their hair
upon entering the restaurants we were greeted with "Selamat Malam"
by the friendly team and chefs at the open kitchen counter
and hostess adorn flowers on our head

yeah JS & Monkey went to Bali early for a short holiday before joining
the rest of the family members for the WEDDING
the staffs were decked in very traditional and yet comfortable Balinese attire
headgear/scarf and the checkered sarongs

1st course was the kinda spicy onion soup
Bernard da Joker was in shock looking at the 2 beautiful chilis by the side of the bowl
"Are we suppose to eat this? GAH!!!!"
Friendly hostess replied in politeness: "It is a decoration Sir, please do not consume it."

we came for this....BABI GULING!!!!!
there are 2 best babi guling in Bali
1) Ibu Oka - which I blogged about last week *click here to read*
2) Bumbu Bali

Reservation for this suckling piglet has to be made in advance
and at the beginning we have no idea how big/small it's gonna be

Diah fr Bumbu Bali informed us that it's for 6 guests...
we were pondering away....and kept on imagining it's gonna be HUGE
but thank god it was just the right size for the 6 of us
especially the boys are still growing up and eat so much
*they are now officially taller than the father and JS, that's more than 6 foot*
later the staff brought it back to the kitchen to chopped em into smaller pieces for consumption
the serving came with condiments, spicy dips, its stuffings and vegetables
the Babi Guling here is different fr Ibu Oka
every restaurant has their own secret spices and ingredients
here at Bumbu Bali they used a lot of tapioca leaves...
*was it tapioca leaves??*
and it was so good to eat on its own

pipping steaming hot white rice and unpolished rice
its grain were so fat and fluffy served with fried shallots on top
to enhance its aroma

Later Monkey roamed to the open kitchen for more pics
waaahhh that looked so good too
next time we'll skip Babi Guling
and order it's order dishes which were all so yummylicious

Chef Holzen was busy at work

he worked with such speed and yet so gracious in his manner
no spoon/plates throwing
not a single drop of SWEAT
cool and calm and soooo zen
ohmmmm ohmmmmm ohmmmmmm

wahhhh PORK sate!!!!!
we ordered sate lilit, made fr fish and some other spices
served wif its famous peanut sauce and "lemang"
the lemang was soooooo gOOOD
*I don't know if u call it lemang*
wrapped around the lemon grass it infused more flavours to the meat
u get to char-grilled it futher on your own :)))
it was a very memorable dinner :))))))))))
Mark, Bernard da Joker, Eveline & Andrew
the boys are under 16...but the heights are scary!!!
Monkey & JS
Dear Chef Holzen & team,
thank u for the gastronomy adventure at your beautiful restaurant
TQ to Diah for facilitating all the reservations and requests
we will definitely return esp for the Rijsttafel

Bumbu Bali
Jalan Pratama,
Tanjung Benoa,
Nusa Dua, Bali,
Tel: +62 361 774 502
*reservations recommended*


Wei's said...

skarang gua punya perut guling guling kerana sudah lapar tengok gambar gambar yang enak..

CHER-RY said...

Baby Wei: Kepada perut yg tengah I wished I could Skype over yummy curry puffs to u now...coz Chris Da Boss bought 5x for u and me :D

js said...

yes, the bumbu consist of tapioca leaves and some other secret spices and the way, the 6 of us finished half a pig!!!