Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dining At The "End of The Sea" *by JS*

This meal took place the night before we had the CKT in the need to rewind folks..........jump the gun cos got too carried away with this legendary Tiger Char Kway Teow :)
Baba Melaka and JS was driving to Penang for the infamous territory meeting which is a monthly affair.

JS : whats for dinner tonite?
Baba Melaka : Let Penghulu bring us lar.
JS : where do you think he will bring us?
Baba Melaka : He always bring us somewhere nice for makan and if not nice his reputation will be blemished! haha.

Just at that moment, Baba Melaka's handphone rang........and guess who was on the line?? :)
Yes, it was Penghulu from Penang!! (long life lar !!) after the exchange of formalities on the h/phone...
Baba Melaka : mana makan Penghulu?
Penghulu : On your way in drop by my petrol station and i bring you for dinner lar. Aiseh man.....Don't worry lar......I from Penang one lar.........i know this place....i know that place..............blah blah blah......
Baba Melaka : okokok.....spare us the speech.....we meet up first (phew....sweat man!!).

After fetching Penghulu, we headed twds Bayan Lepas and towards Balik Pulau. At one of the junctions , we turned left towards Gertak Sanggul and reach a sign board which say "Restoran Hai Boey Seafood" and a little further we saw this big signage and we knew we have arrived.

Hai Boey(hokien) literally translates to "end of the sea" ..... yes, now you see why the title!!

This place sits next to the sea and located at this very dark(cos it's night time lar) and quiet corner of Penang Island. The fresh seafood is replenished everyday by fishermen who sell their catch directly to the restaurant so be rest assured.
Jumping fresh seafood in a arrangement of cascading aquarium.

We were greeted by the owner Mr Tan and as we were hungry until can die, Penghulu wasted no time and order dinner immediately.
First dish to appear was this one.
Salted egg fried prawns.
There was still visibly huge chunks of salted egg yolk and the curry leaves gave this dish a very different dimension and very Malaysian indeed. Definitely a must have at this restaurant.
Spitting fresh clams cooked in a garlic sauce with lime and chilly and garnished with coriander stem. The fresher the clam the bigger the flesh and these clams were really meaty!
Grouper fish braised in a claypot with light soya sauce.
Bali Tong( a kind of shellfish ) a malaysian delicacy. For those who are not familiar with this creature, the shell is cut off at the top so this allow you to suck out the meat from either end.
"Tua Pun" as the Penangnites affectionately call it. Basically it's like a "hor fun yin heong chow" or the Thai version of "kway teow radna". I must say this is probably one of the best "tua pun" i have eaten. The "wok hei" was incredibly intense. Well done!!
Bitter gourd with minced pork.
This fried noodles is nicely different from the typical fry noodles. Its how my mum will fry the noodles on our birthdays.

Basically the food at this restaurant has a very clean finish on the palate and i would say it's damn fine for an outdoor restaurant next to the sea. My sifu once told me that for a restaurant to have good and clean tasting food, it's all in the sauce and stock they used. So this restaurant does have their secrets locked in the sauces and stocks! Do come early to wander around a bit on the beach and feel the sea breeze in your face and watch the swaying palm trees and the fishing boats coming back........ and the backdrop of the setting sun.......these may well inspire you and help add to your total dining experience as if the good food wasn't enuf :)
The service offered by the staff was also commendable.
BTW the total cost of this meal came to only RM107.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0_0

Penghulu always with this serious look.......think he was saying "you guys come to Penang so often until no more places to bring you guys to makan lar"

Haha.....Penghulu, i am sure you will do more research and we look forward to you showing us more new makan places in the quest to broaden our culinary horizon and adventure.

Again i dedicated this post to penghulu and may he bring us to more makan places around Penang.


CHER-RY said...

so torturing to see these pics....*salivates*

js said...

believe u me it taste as good as it looks!!