Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hold me.......

it sure....was a weird feeling
when the Baby was holding on tight...
didn't let go...
don't want to let go..

She found a sense of security holding on to something in her sleep

I had a hard time wriggling her away :P
*sorry to the parents :D heeeeeeeeee*
I've never held a baby before....... at all....
I don't like fact I hated them
I don't know how to bring up a child coz I am a kid myself

Gawd....if I ever gonna go through motherhood..
someone pls save me.............
coz it's not like a toy nor pet which u can dispose anytime u want
it's not a bag which u can keep in the closet once u get tired of it
it's not like a job where there's a beginning and ending plus deadlines
it's for life
ish...why the hell am I killing my brain cells doing this post

well thanks to the ladies whom tried to brain-wash-ed me yesterday over tea and mocktails
the truth is having kids ain't gonna stop me from my indulgence....u ppl are so wrong..
I need a different hobby to get rid of my bag indulgence....
so dearie JS thank u for getting me that camera :)))))))))


js said...

Now u nd a bag to keep the camera. Haha :))

CHER-RY said...

JS: HMMMMM exactly *nod in agreement ferociously*