Sunday, October 24, 2010

Finally....a home :))

it was messy and busy but we pulled it all together
I've lost count how many nails I've broken :P
should I find another label on any item at home.....GAH!!!!!!!
frankly speaking not the whole home is ready....
personal belongings were everywhere
I have trouble locating my's in either boxes or I've chucked into one of the many drawers 
while unpacking...
no....we did not forget bout you Atmos clock :)))))
it was the last item to be carried over
invented in 1928 and went into full production in 1929
this clock lives on AIR alone 
deriving energy fr atmopsheric pressure change and small temperature change too
for a new home u need fruits....
as a symbol I suppose...
fruits tray by Alessi bought to us by Saint Veeny & Dinos the Great
almost...well almost all our Alessi items came fr them or their part of the world :P
this fruits tray is unique as it's moulded by hand and each piece is different
we received our very first guest over for dinner that day.....
well we invited our neighbour over.......
will unveil our neighbour/ guests tmrw + blog bout our 1st dinner
*lurve the table's Chilewich*
despite the moving + dusting + unpacking + peeling labels
Monkey & JS had to rush out to buy flowers/groceries/fruits bla bla bla
it was indeed a super tiring can die day
and more flowers :P
no just buy/trim/chuck em into the vase
but I found time for this :D hehehehhehe
before I can lay my fingers on it....
Monkey had to clean each key with tender loving care...kekkekeke
and had to remind the maid NOT TO TOUCH IT
warned the contractors to STAY AWAY FROM IT
and JS without any notices....automatically alwiz.....alwiz walked away from it :P
*so par pai......-_-*

my bones and muscles are still aching today 
and another busy week ahead 

thank you to everyone for their warm wishes for our new home
all the pressies and love


neil said...

Lovely, lovely! The colours of your dining area is fantastic! =)

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: Thank u :) It's Fuchsia...wrap urself in that col to go to STuan's wedding :))))

boo_licious said...

Congrats on the new home! Looks well worth all those broken nails.

CHER-RY said...

Boo: Thanks Boo :))) Yes u right

mef said...

Congrats to you and JS on the move and lovely new home.

Is that a humidor next to the Atmos clock?

All the best for the new home.

CHER-RY said...

Mef: Wow Mef ur eyes are so sharp...yes it's a humidor for cigars. Thank u for the best wishes.

MC said...

gorgeous macam owner lar..hahha...congrats babe~

js said...

all, txs for the best's been a long wait but it's all worth it.......enjoyed every bit of the planning and retrofitting and renovation.....with my monkey offcourse :)

CHER-RY said...

MC: Tq tq tq :)))))))) *hugs*

mef said...

G'day JS,

I enjoy cigars as well. What type and brand of cigars do you normally enjoy smoking?

Once again thanks for sharing your wonderful new place.

js said...

Hye Mef. anytime. Txs for dropping by.
I basically go for cubans with bigger ring gauge such as robustos as it has more flavor. I also go for less intense cigars....... particularly like the partagas serieD no 4 and some of the montecristo of robusto size n not too full body.
What about u?

mef said...

G'day JS.

I normally enjoy medium to fuller body cigars depending on the time of the day. Like yourself, I smoke mostly cubans. I've lately started to enjoy thinner gauge cigars. I find them stronger with fuller flavors developing over the length of the cigar. Some of my favs are Partagas shorts and PSD4, R&Js and Por Larranaga especially the petite coronas, H. Upmann magnum 48and 50 and Trinidad reyes.

js said...

Wow mef, you must be quite a season cigar afficianado :))
Churchill gauge cigars are also quite nice too as you can hold on to it all nite long!!! As you can probably I kind of like the partagas Churchill. Talking about cigars n robustos, i suddenly remember this vegas robiana robustos. One of the more memorable cigars I hv had. Mef, enjoy your cigars man!

mef said...

G'day JS

Thanks for sharing about cigars. Hope you'll be enjoying more in future. I live in NZ. When you decide to visit this beautiful country, we can have a churchill over some nice fruity pinot noirs.

Have a great weekend and regards to Cherry too.

js said...

thanks MEF. nice chatting with you....We will certainly visit NZ soon.....a place we have been reading quite a lot about and certainly bookmarked in our travel book! yes and NZ produces GR8 sauvignon blanc and pinots....something we really wouldn't want to miss!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Home you have there Cherry! Absolutely beautiful...=D

CHER-RY said...

Aisan: Thanks babe!!! when it is 100% and Mr can come over for makan :)