Thursday, October 07, 2010

Ra-ra-ing @ Zeta Bar

Baby Wei & Monkey
first shot since we were still sober, nice and pretty :P
it's a habit to have the first shot once we enter into any venues kekekekekeke

We were at Hilton attending an event to honor Women today
today a WOMAN is a mother, sister, friend, grandmother, daughter
and they contributed to almost half of the working force in the world

it has changed so much as compared to our predecessor time
Women today play more roles and of coz super important to the economy :P
coz women shop more :P

such paradigm shift of roles huh?
and of coz they demand more these days
they also would loved to be seen as equal with the other half or Plus One I call them :P
hence the Equal Salary Campaign!!!
*yaaayyy CORUM is a huge supporter of Equal Salary Campaign in the World*
Sexay Back Maggie & Monkey
and to celebrate this important occasion and award presentation
we had to partay our hearts out :P hahahahaha
whenever we are in Zeta Bar, we thought of Sharon-ness
*heeeyyy we missed ya heaps!!!!*
yes we lurve each other TONNESSSSSS :P
and had so much fun
making her premier at my blog is Princess Jasmine
she's really innocent and soon will turn to the dark side under the "wings" of Sexay Back
and not to mention Women Today are Bold and Independent 
"What are u having? Can I buy u drinks?"
"No Thanks. I prefer to buy my own drinks."

my fav was Sexay Back shoooo-ing men away :P in such style
after purchasing us drinks these MEN came over to talk
"hey your table is over there.....*finger pointing*......pls go back there."

and those poor men OBEDIENTLY went back :P *woooffff*
I really lurve u Sexay Back!!!!!!

anyway we lurve to purchase OUR OWN drinks...and didn't touch watever that was served to us
so THE MEN didn't wanna waste them...and took it back
No offense to Penangites but are u gentlemen fr Penang???
so kiam siap!!!!
competition for the longest face!!! I WON!!!! hands down
coz with years of practice pulling long finally did.....:P

Do not under-estimate the power of pulling long faces with squinted eyes
it's every Women's rights :P
Alter Ego was the band of the nite.....complete with Lady Gaga costume :P
and so everyone was ra-ra-ing to their numbers
Sexay Back's snatch of the nite :P
no no no it's not considered a snatch if u already known him before

messy messy hair
Sexay Back Maggie was not on top form tat nite
haven't been goin out lately huh?
she cut us after the 3rd drinks...


while Baby Wei was just bout to have fun...."HAH NO MORE???"

Monkey gonna terbabas soon
now u know...the youngest one of the lot aka Baby Wei can really drink :P

"No more...stop...I have to drive meself home and my maid is coming to clean the place tmrw at 9am and most of all I promised JS that I won't drink so much."
Sexay Back: "WAKKAKAKA I still have to go to work tmrw at 9am."

-.- aiseh......this woman ar...
Four of us :D

here toast again to all the Women out there

there's lots to celebrate being a lady :D
tee hee hee

and lastly Congratulations to Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah for being the recipient of
the Lifetime Woman Achievement Award

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