Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My fav piece of Uniqlo

Uniqlo will finally opens its doors on 4th November in Fahrenheit 88, Jalan Bukit Bintang
*ex KL Plaza*
like after 14 months Singapore has got its own outlet(s)??

Uniqlo Malaysia will be a joint venture with DNP clothing
who also runs Topshop, Miss Selfridges bla bla bla
so at least u ppl dun have to guess anymore...

I m still keeping my fingers crossed for H&M
but according to the CEO of H&M there won't be any plans at all for the moment
they are looking into bigger market such as middle east and China
Uniqlo is famous for its winter wear
high quality materials and most of all its price!!!!
I just lurve its japanese soft cotton

Monkey has a few pieces of Uniqlo here n there
fr homewear, innerwear, sleepwear, fleece *one of my favourite*
and of coz my most prized piece of Uniqlo is the Premium Down Jacket
*so soft like my Chanel Cocoon....*

u can tell how comfy it is fr the pic
comes with lil hood which is detachable....just unzip it
and faux fur which is also detachable...
so u have a few ways to wear this...

with hood or without
with hood and faux fur and without
the premium down is also super lightweight
makes it so easy to carry around esp when u r traveling during the winter
u dun wanna be lugging a heavy winter jacket  plus peripherals and bags
and for Monkey apart fr serving its purpose of keeping me extremely warm
most importantly it has to look good
*hiak hiak hiak*

Some Down Jacket makes ppl looked like over stuffed buns :P

yes it's extremely warm...I just need to wear one piece of clothing inside :P
and I chose white then coz everyone wears grey/black/dark colors during winter...
this is easier for JS to identify Monkey at crowded places...hihihihihihihi
am contemplating to get another one for this year end's trip
perhaps this color? :)

yep will get it in Singapore
Uniqlo Premium Down Jacket, retailing at SGD 199
Back to the opening at Fahrenheit 88, if u are one of the lucky few
for every purchase of RM 200 and above, u will receive this original Uniqlo Tote Bag
*Monkey has got one with Silver colored Alphabets but this one looks good too*

yeah and also if u r up to it
start queue-ing at the outlet before 11am for a chance to win 2 tickets to Tokyo
it's all happening on 4th November!!!

I better stay away fr Bukit Bintang that day.....can almost feel the crowd coming

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Baby Sumo said...

I love H&M too, wish they would open an outlet here in KL. At least we have uniqlo now.

CHER-RY said...

Baby Sumo: Yes me too....otherwise the nearest city to get H&M is Hong Kong :)))))))))

licheng said...

when i see H&M here...always think of you. hahaha..

i love uniqlo! comfy and affordable. often get some items when i'm in tokyo.

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: hahahaha me = H&M :P

I m sure tonnes of choices and better price @ Tokyo :)))

Tsu Lin + + said...

The other day I was participating in their twitter promo.. then manatahu nvr pay attn on that day when the prices went down & open for sale since 9am, I only log into it to check at 4pm.. the Ultra Lightweight Down was down from £59.99 to £19.99!!! I looked, my fav colour (green) no more in size S and only avail in ORANGE.. so i hesitated for 10mins.. and then GONE! No more size S!!! Booohoooo... I am so gutted. You want me to get for you instead? (But then posmalaysia is really light-fingered, better not hor)

Eh but is it really warm? Cos I got their "heatech" wear hor, kononnya can keep you very warm but ah, I didn't find it that great.

CHER-RY said...

TL: WAHHHH SO CHEAP!!!!!! is there any way u can subscribe to their online news to get updates so u won't miss anymore SALE????????

U and JS sama sama = suka warna hijau. His Down jacket is Camouflage green

oh yea it's very very very WARM. I sweat walking around during winter innit :P