Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Manukan Island, Sabah

Monkey + Wake boarding = disaster

there was only a few more hours to kill before we have to get our butts to the airport
and we had to spend the last few hours with tonnes of adrenaline adventure...

Chris da Boss called my room extension in a super stoned voice....
"aaaaaargghhhhh headache.....u all go ahead and pls take care of urself....arghhhhhh headache....."
Baby Wei with a view of Pulau Gaya
nope we r not heading to that island....
that island is full of Philippinos Tourists without passport
u get my drift?
We took turns to snap pic for each other
and WE WERE SO DETERMINED to do "it" that day
been talking about it for days~~~~~

wooooohoooooooo baaaabbbbyyyyyyyyyyy

Monkey is alwiz afraid of for her to garner all the energy and determination which can almost move the Mount Kinabalu is really really a rare occasion.
but it was a let down.....coz it was toooooooo windy and they won't let us do it
and innocent us were like...."why not???? strong wind = fly higher!!!!"
Jim Bean the Island operator: "yes u can fly very high...but how are u gonna come down???"
ohhhhh kakkakakkakakakakakaka
perhaps u can cut the rope? :P
minutes later.....we were on our way to Manukan island
the waves were strong and according to Walking-Pedia Mr. JS who was in KL then
there was a typhoon the nite before at Hainan Island and Sabah was getting its tail-end of the typhoon
hence the strong wind + choppy sea
we went to my favourite private the other side of the island
with nobody around except a fat Iguana roaming around and some seagulls
and zzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz with the view of Pulau Sapi the neighbouring island
Baby Wei bz munching away~~~~
there are a few quaint lil shops to get ur stuffs
from cold drinks to snacks to sandwiches, ice creams and equipment rentals
and we rented this picnic mat and gals being gals we had to choose one that matches with our swimwear
"Baby Wei which color u want? Shall we get this one?"
*Shop operator squinted his eyes and faint*
Monkey & Baby Wei
in Paradise~~~~~
we wanted to zzzzz longer....but then our flight is waiting for us...
haiiiii back to reality~~~~~
then we were on our way back to the jetty to catch our speed boat back to mainland
it's a TURTLE!!!!!!
Jim Bean the island operator took this pic for us and kept on saying it's a "Buaya Darat"
hmmmmm -_-
goodbye Manukan Islandwe shall be back again in a few months time
Since we gals wanted to Para-Sail so much
Jim Bean was so sweet and got us the speed boat that does Para-sailing
for us to at least "have a feel" hahahahahhahaha
u can see the yellow thingy at the back is actually the Parachute
care to ride on a boat that I steer??? hiak hiak hiak!!!!
back to safety~~~ no more steering the super fast speed boat on a choppy sea Monkey!!!!
Jim Bean got us this private ride...
just the two of us back to reality to catch our flight

Speed Boat driver from Hell: "Madam which jetty u wanna go to?"

"can u get us to the airport please? :)))))))))))


Anonymous said...

indeed a very very nice island!!! ^^

CHER-RY said...

Melissa:'s small and very private...yet with full facilities :D

licheng said...

omg! the water is soooo turqoise!

CHER-RY said...

yes it's really clean and clear with tonnes of fish. Good for snorkelling!!

Carlos Ribeiro said...


Approximately how many U.S. dollars you spent on this day (travel to the island, equipment rental and food)?

Your blog is great!

CHER-RY said...

Carlos: Thanks for dropping by here. It was really cheap bcoz we didn't rent any equipment to play. Just a boat ride + entrance fees to Marine National Park for 2 person less than USD 20.