Monday, October 18, 2010

Sneak Peek - The Kitchen

consider this the sneak peek of JS's wet kitchen
with his stainless steel SMEG 6 burner hobs that comes with not one but 2 ovens
I can't remember if the hood is SMEG or Fischer & Paykel
*Monkey is too short to see*

a nice IKEA stainless steel shelves which I got it at a steal :P during sale
and all the stainless steel cabinets

nice? :))))
Monkey designed this kitchen with JS's revisions and approval of coz
since it's his KITCHEN!!!!!
it was almost like a 3 year business plan proposal coz he has got super high can die standard!!!!

JS wanted an Industrial Kitchen and I was like -.-
this is a HOME not RESTAURANT

Industrial kitchen alwiz feels very cold
so the design has to be Semi-Industrial to at least makes it homely and yet meets his requirement of an industrial kitchen
and most of all functionality...
wet kitchen is not for show but for's meant for u to thrash it, to dirty it...and to cook yummy food with love :))))))

so it wasn't easy doing the design board considering all the measurements, odd corners, choosing the right tiles from colors to quality.
oh yea...we hacked this whole place and u won't wanna see the original :P
the original wet kitchen was so dull and boring...even great food will turn unappetizing
for the past 2 days, Monkey had been so busy...
peeling stickers off all the new pots and pans and other utensils
*till my nails broke :((((*
washing and cleaning all the new things
merchandising it properly according to JS's standard.
yes even pots and pans have to merchandise :P
*it comes with experience fr merchandising different products in life throughout my career*

JS was also very busy
playing with his new IMAC
changing wall papers for like dunno how many times for his new IMAC
connecting the IMAC to the internet
installing softwares on his spanking new IMAC

disturbing Monkey sheepishly when he dunno how to change the wall papers
JS: "errr...sorry to do i......"
Monkey who was busy filling spices meticulously into the spice jar had to.......haiizzz....>:(
My face was literally -_- and grumble grumble grumble

JS then busy staring and looking at his walk-in wine chillers
merchandising his 1st batch of 48 bottles of wine T_T
rubbing and scrubbing all his stainless steel parts with a special oil to make it glossy and stain-free
not even a single finger print

Monkey: "Why is it call STAINLESS steel when there's alwiz stain on it????"
JS: "Ok I will go and ask the inventor."
the Liebherr Fridge is also in stainless steel
so u can imagine all the work involved in cleaning them
I m so gonna follow Veeny & Dinos advise....just use Baby Oil and lace the top layer with it!!!!!!!!

and finally when he's done with the Stain-able stainless steel stuffs,
Monkey gave him more work
"go and dry the towels in the washing machine"
JS's jaw dropped
"wat??? u never dry clothes before????"
JS: "NOOOO I was a very good boy and helped my mother last time."
"That was last go!!!!"
JS grumbled grumbled grumbled

and Monkey continued to peel more labels on all the new plates
JS was also very busy taking pics.... :P
otherwise u and me have got no pics to see....kekekekkekekee

the other wine chiller which consisted of all the Gajas T_T
new stocks fr Alcoholic Anonymous ST
and 2 pieces of Amedei chocolates...
yes never store your chocolates in the gets too hard
so wine chiller the best!!!!!! say bout 12 degrees....
*fridge is bout 4 degrees*
Monkey at the dry kitchen on the spanking new KARTELL stools
busy working again...
u can see the Artemide Castore Suspensione cute right? :))))
it was my object of desire a few months back

anyway back to work...Monkey was busy assembling a TOILET BOWL BRUSH
yes I make a good assemblyman
can assemble anything just gimme the damn thing
from shelving to drawers to smaller goods

despite all my complaints, of coz JS was so helpful in doin wat a man needs to do
the heavy duty and stuffs beyond my height!!!!! kekekekkee
more scrubbing in the kitchen :P
and lastly laze on the couch with his iPad

Thank you BABY!!!!!!!!!! 
and then Monkey treated him to a yummy dinner at Kuriya, BSC
FYI, this is one of the only part of the house which is ready coz to JS it's the most important part of a home

I.M.So.Tired.&. Exhausted. Today


thevi said...

I love how the Flame coloured LC stands out in the kitchen. Hearts LC and the Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla! ;-)

CHER-RY said...

Hot Mama Thevi: *clap clap clap* wow u even know SMEG's full name!!!! I didn't :P but shhhhhhhhh

js said... are really THE IRON CHEF :))

thevi said...

Thank you Google, thank you Wikipedia. Thank you! ;-P

licheng said...

WoW! really industrial kitchen, all the silver. but those few orange and red pops ;) lots of amazing meals will come from this kitchen!

js said...

My first attempt with the oven will be roasting wagyu ribeye n a simple raspberry soufflé....... any willing guinea pig? :)

CHER-RY said...

Hot Mama Thevi: hahahahaha the wonders of Internet

Kindy Chai: hehehe yep tonnes of amazing food so u must come when u r back in Msia :))

Tsu Lin + + said...


Congrats and more pls!

CHER-RY said...

TL: TQ TQ TQ....will post more...which part of the house u wanna see? hehehehehe

js said...

the cava is next......but wait till its a bit fuller first :)

Tsu Lin + + said...

Cherry : Living room and toilets pls! Rooms will be nice too if it's not too invasive :P

JS : you have expensive hobbiesssss.. but it's ok, you also love to share with your friends, so it's all good!

js said...

TL.....imagine having a hobby which you cannot share or carry out with your friends???!!! thats no more a hobby......more like a secret....haha!

CHER-RY said...

TL: toilets?????????? ok ok slowly one at a time...will do parts by parts....:P

Anonymous said...

Hi Cherry,

How have you been? I'm actually looking for a stainless steel cabinets like those in your kitchen.

Any idea where I could purchase it?

I love the concept of industrial kitchen ! Easy cleaning and so Pro!

May Ng

CHER-RY said...

Hello May,

How have you been? we are doing great here amid the hectic schedule.

all the stainless steel cabinets are from IKEA :)) with 10/15/25 years of warranty, I can't remember hehehehe. Happy Shopping!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi cherry, is the inside of cabinets (shelves) also made of stainless steel? Meaning 100% stainless steel for the whole cabinet?

Cheers, May

CHER-RY said...

Hi May,

The inside are the Ikea standard wood module. You can choose the types of doors and handles, plus the table top.
Visit their website for more info :))

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