Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good Morning KK!!!!

at 6.25am I woke up to this beautiful view and whispered to myself
"What an amazing view and this got to be another great day for meself"

the view of Mount Kinabalu nestled among the low clouds
it's kinda cold outside and u can almost smell the morning dews on the trees/leaves

and crashed back to my bed...

if JS is around, he'll pull me up and jump start the day.....
to start off the day......hearty breakfast~~~~
me no likey hotel's breakfast.....
coz it's unusually dry...
the juices were fr carton boxes
the sausages were not meaty enuff
the croissants either u can whack your roommate with it or it's just plain bread that looked like croissants!!
hellooooo croissants are supposed to be buttery and flaky!!!!!!

and most of was......failed.....T_T
but I dun have much choice...
need food to continue my WORKING WEEKEND

so yours truly aka Monkey just shoved whatever she can into her throat
just be thankful u have food on the table ok....right next to ur bed :P
think of famine kids in Somalia
*chomp chomp chomp*

nevertheless some hotels serve decent breakfast....
and some really exceptional breakfast
like this one *click here to read*

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