Friday, February 05, 2010

Bottega Veneta, Nappa Belly

this every woman & man's dream

off topic:
we stayed at this hotel with fashionista buyers of a fashion house
and we met each other every morning for breakfast *bumped into.... of coz*
and paraded our individual fashion taste/style to each a very tasteful manner of coz.

JS: "Hey look, HE HAS A BOTTEGA BAG....tmrw u bring yours down OK???"
"Can u pls stop eyeing his beautiful bag...he noticed kay!!!!! and that's wat he oh pls dun give it to him!!!"

and JS bought Monkey a Bottega bag
out of love of coz!!! kekekekekeke....nothing to do with the other fashionista who happened to be a bagaholic and shoeholic and apparelholic and I-Love-Myself-So-so-much-holic

but I couldn't get any Bottega for JS coz all his choices were RM 20k and above

*u vely vely discerning taste huh?*
the softest intrecciato ever!!!
the nappa belly....
** sayang sayang usap usap the bag**
OMG...this is my fav Bottega for the moment
*cabat is the other one :P*
**cabat is very cheap in Italy but I still kenot afford it**
and the color is so ME!!!!!
the men still call Bottega the Ketupat bag!!!!
*angry angry angry*

and last weekend I saw Si Fu Lawrence carrying one
to do his marketing in the wet market
oh well that's another story...

anyway Nappa Belly Veneta Retails at Euro 1,280 = RM 5,632
*at Starhill Msia, it's retailing at RM 6,950*


lynn.wabbit said...

oh my (gushes), she's goooooorgeous! :)

kellynsun said...


neil said...

yay... finally you got a ketupat bag! :)

CHER-RY said...

Lynn wabbit: YESSS she is :) *sayang sayang*

Kellysun: almost can turn heads...errr in fact she did :P

Nee Lee: hehehe this is my 5th Ketupat bag :))))

Tsu Lin + + said...

Abit too much. Next time I give you a real ketupat bag ok?

PS : I m just envious.

CHER-RY said...

TL: I have yet to retrieve your gift :P but thank u so much in advance :)))))

Can u weave one? Anyway Ketupat Bag in Italy are so so so cheap...if I dun buy i kenot forgive myself. :P

js said...

ahemmmm...there were also a lot of africans selling counterfeit ketupat bags along the walkways in italy :)

p/s....i noticed not many comments from readers on other subjects on this blog....but when it comes to suddenly women around the world all woke up on fine day and all spoke the same language >_< ....amazing!!

CHER-RY said...

JS: those ketupat bags on the street can buy to do marketing in pasar just like Si Fu Lawrence.

So now u understand the Power of Leather Goods :P

Mathews said...

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