Monday, February 15, 2010

Castel Sant' Angelo

view of the castle from Ponte Sant'Angelo
this bridge was laid with 10 angels, carved by Bernini and his students.

in the older days, this bridge was used by pilgrims to the Vatican City
hence the other name for it is Bridge of Saint Peter
Castel Sant' Angelo was built between 135 AD to 139 AD
as a mausoleum for Emperor Hadrian
it has a unique cylindrical shape
this castle was featured in Dan Brown's "Angels & Demons"
notti monkey was draggin her feet there + shopping bags
tired fr walking all day
this place is HUGE and now turned into a museum

the mausoleum was very beautiful once before it was deconstructed
& turned into a military fortress
oh yes u can climb all the way to the top
Tiber River
the famous river that flows down Rome
view of the bridge - Ponte Sant' Angelo
my tai koh brought me up here :P
view of Vatican City fr the roof of the castle
it's like so near!!!!
very strong wind
can almost blow me away~~~~~~
JS said he will hold me tight,
so I won't get blown away
we spent an hour here watching sunset

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