Thursday, February 04, 2010

Zucca in Galleria, Milan

the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II with all the must have brands innit
situated just next to Duomo Square and it's just right at the back of our hotel
*the hotel is just so strategic :))))))))))*
Zucca cafe was inaugurated in 1857 when the Galleria was opened
we just lurve to laze around here
gazed at the Duomo
and do ppl-watching
and also pak tor :P hehehehehe
usually Monkey settled for a cuppa of cappu Euro 4.80 = RM 24
one of the famous drink chocolate with really really fresh cream
Euro 8.10 = RM 40.50
the cream was oh my.....I can almost taste the cow
*wat the heck am I toking bout?*
JS's fav toast with parma and cheese Euro 5.30 = RM26.50
the cheese was not salty and went very well with the parma
bread was superb crisp almost brie liked
this Monkey alwiz opt for kiddy food :P
Ta-Da!!! croissant!!! not just any croissant but it's a special one
with special sugary toppings
and pineapple jam innit!!!!
oh oh oh eppy eppy day!!!!!
*chomp chomp chomp*
after all the misc it's back to business
and we ordered our usual everyday fuel - espresso
every shot cost Euro 3...
so if it's double then Euro 6
easy peasy fuss free
and they served excellent coffee

Yes the price is a premium bcoz the standard price for a shot is Euro 1 elsewhere...
but u come to Zucca for its total coffee exprerience with the poised waiter in crisp white uniform, their history and beautiful porcelains
and good coffee of coz :))))))))

music composer Verdi and Toscanini were their usual patrons
erm like hundred of years ago?

anyway Zucca is more than a coffee house it's an ICON and symbol
to any Milanese :)))))

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II,
Piazza Duomo,
21 20121 Milano,
Tel: +02 864 64 435

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