Friday, February 19, 2010

Chanel Coco Cocoon, 1st bag for 2010

I was lusting for this since November 2009

finally laid my hands on its soft huggable leather
it was a sold out in Italy....
even in Hong Kong
until....until....Monkey & JS stepped foot into Chanel Peninsula Hong Kong
the least visited boutique I think :P
isn't she such an elegant Queen?
it is reversible but dun think I'll do tat
for fear of damaging its beautiful soft leather

and we got the very last piece remaining in Hong Kong
think in Chanel KLCC they do still have stock
but blerrrkkk dun think I'll pay the extra in Msia.

it's super soft including its handle
so totally lambskin
*aaaahhh sayang sayang*
Cameron Diaz carrying the red one
think this champagne color is so MEEEEE!!!!!

now Chanel Coco Cocoon commands the largest space at home
all the other dearie bags had to move aside

Chanel is alwiz a Chanel
*continue to sayang sayang the bag*


neil said...

Poor ketupat bag is cast aside already? :P

S-kee said...

hahahah oh yeah what happen to ketupat bag? wait till next raya?

CHER-RY said...

hey ladies!!!! no lar...all the 5 ketupats still well taken care of :P and so are the u can rest assured :P

my resolution this year - DO NOT BUY ANYMORE BAGS!!!

pls support me on this :D *hehehehe*

S-kee said...

err "roll eyes" try a smaller & more achievable goal la... how about 1 month...or 2...

coz a.. later sure have summore really really nice collection that is so limited limited and pretty, elegant, huggable etc etc that u also wan to sayang... haha

js said...

mind you we had to search all the way from harbour city all the way to HK island and then back to Tsim Tsah Tsui Penisular hotel to find this piece :)

CHER-RY said...

wei wei wei u all must support me mar!!! must not buy bag anymore must not buy bag anymore!!!!