Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mr. JS B-day dinner @ Lafite

JS & his fav Mouton Rothschild
*fr his own collection -_-*

yeah sungguh tak jadi for DRC Richebourg,
he really got discerning taste which I'll never capture.

What's the point of giving him surprises,
when I don't even have confident in choosing the right menu.
In the end, with trembling hands I passed the 1st draft of menu for HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS's approval with head bowed lowly.
*that was 2 weeks ago*

next task was the wine list.....
Lafite's wine list isn't that fantastique enuff so.....again with head bowed even lower
I went to restaurant mgr to informed that we'll bringing everything on our own.

JS to me: "Ask if they have a sommelier/good wine opener/ burgundy glasses etc etc etc...."
we almost had to "rent" our fav sommelier fr another restaurant for a few hours for this session
coz Lafite don't have their own.
this baby still can keep.......
col was absolutely dark garnet....deep red
NOSE was stunningly sweet, fruity with a lil bit of cedar and spice.
and the finish was mineralty.

Aged to perfection!!!
and believe it or not?
not much of sediments for a wine older than me -_-
it's 10 years older than me!!!! GAH GAH GAH!!!

We also had Krug 1985 which I forgot to snap pic.
the palate was not as "nutty" as younger Krugs.
a 38 years old cork,
the mgr took 10 minutes to open this baby with shaky hands~~~~~~~

JS to mgr: "DO NOT SHAKE. Be careful! -_-"
coming out fr him, any single soul also will takut lar!!
onion bread with sunflower oil + garlic + milk spread.
they churned the above ingredients till it turned buttery.
I like their basalt black stone,
everyone on the table thinks it's such great idea to use it to make pizza
yeah to achieve the crusty crust, this is the way - with stone!!
we started off with Lucky Oyster
why lucky? coz there's a pearl on the other one. Hehehehehe
"The pearl" was made using some molecular gastronomy discipline
put it in your mouth, use your tongue to push the pearl
and suddenly your mouth is full with juices of fresh oysters.
Well bcoz the individual portion wasn't enuff for SOME PEOPLE
we ordered half a dozen more.
yeah guess who had the most pearls bursting in his mouth.
Textured Lobster Thermidor
which was roasted to perfection with beautiful mushrooms.

it was then Chef Kevin Cherkas walked in with his soda dispenser.
JS yelped at Chef: "I have one of that too!!!!"
he then proceeded with the parmesan and taragon sauce injected with his soda dispenser onto our individual plates.

Chef: "So you lurve the oysters? It's fresh from Fahnce *France*. Shipments come 2x a week and you just finished our 1st shipment of the week in Koala Loom Purr. Hahahaha."

hmmm, is he mad? is he happy? that we finished his oysters???
Chefs around need to ban Prince C fr consuming that much of oysters in the future.
Truffle Angel Hair
this was a disappointment,
we were expecting "angel's hair"
*or prollie their angels are fat, hence the hair oso monstrously big :P. Chef gonna kill me when he reads this*

with black truffles, shredded parmesan *same size and col as the pasta* and crispy yolk on top.
Somebody *I dowan to say who lar* had an additional ala carte portion after that.
this was so PRETTY I didn't wanna eat it!!!! is the name of this dish

perfectly seared foie gras with peppered cherries + pistachios
the painted cherries = sweet reduction
so pretty so pretty so pretty!!!
Lamb "Mole"
basically a lamb loin with crispy out of this world potato,
on top of red pepper stew,
crunchy baby corns...
and surprise surprise!!!
CHOCOLATE sauce!!!!!!!!!!!
then they sprinkled some tapioca powder which melts in your mouth!!!
the other choice of main would be Beef Mustard
australian wagyu beef with sweet potato frieds,
braised red cabbage and black truffle gravy.
then we decided to open the 3rd bottle
clos de la Roche fr Ponsot

aaAAaaaaa this is more for me....
I missed my burgundies :)))))))))))"You can reaaaallly eat" Prince C & I-Ching
"Good morning :)"

JS : "huh??? breakfast?"
Prince C: "EGG??? :))))))))))" *smiling like he found RM 8,888*
An Egg? is the name of this dessert.
destroy the "yolk" and mix it with the white
White = coconut cream
Yolk = lemon lime mango

super delicious!!!!
I-Ching & Miss Monkey
hence our happy faces...coz we luve our desserts so much. :)))))
and the lights dimmed off
out came HIS "cake"
strawberry sponge with lotsa lotsa strawberries with berries foam

*why lar give foam??? you want him to vomit foam meh?* -_-
soooooo happy that he likes it!!!!
all of us!!!! :))))
make a wish!!!
Chef Kevin came in for the 2nd time to wish JS happy birthday :)))))
and presented JS with a "sakura" tree?
marshmallows with pink berries sugar + yummy chocolates.
absolutely sakura-ish with the marshmallows falling down gracefully
*pls ignore the background*
the "soil" were yummy crunchy chocolates.
there were more chocolate pieces on top but we finished it before the camera can kick in.
makan makan minum minum
cigar cigar
Hope you've enjoyed every bit of it.


Odin Cards said...

Please dun kill me: looks like boobies complete with nipples with some overgrown bush down south...


I repeat, please dun kill me!

CHER-RY said...

Joo: I won't kill u. I'll just murder.

neil said...


licheng said...

the 'sakura' tree is interesting..

that 'mole' is mo-le right? there's the mexican dish, which has some chocolate ingredients too, esp the sauce.

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: I need u to help me to clean the crime scene after the murder. Thanks.

Kindy Chai: Really? Mo-le is the famous chocolate dish....wooo. New piece of info. Txs :))

Anonymous said...

OMG SAKURA TREE!!!!!!!!*faints*

CHER-RY said...

correction bad my bad..

it's actually candy floss and not marshmallows.


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