Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Crackling Piggie

U hear that?
Durian runtuh again?
2x in a week!!!!

I've must have done something right!!!
*or he did something wrong*
thank u baby.
when it came out fr the oven,
just fresh fr its crackling process....
I was within 12 inches radius at all time.
trying my luck.
"I wanna makan I wanna makan I wanna makan"
"Kenot. Not yet. So hot!"


I lurve those crunchy meat near its ribs,
full of flavor fr all the confit of sze chuan pepper and juniper berries.
yep the berries all the way fr OZ.
*thank u si fu*

It's actually a type of spice used mainly for roast pork, marinades and sauerkraut.

Another awesome gadget fr OZ was.................
JS's b-day pressie all the way fr Melbourne
a beautiful tea pot
yea, watch out. It's made fr glass
When u are brewing your tea,
u put it this way.....
and when u are done,
u tilt it the other way
clever design huh?

JS 1st fell in lurve with this teapot back in 06 at Les Amis
Read about it *here*
and special tea blend too!!!!

Thank u Si fu Lawrence & Tracie!!!
He lurves it!!!
so sayang that it's gonna be packed up for the new home.

yep, all the new gifts, purchases are for the new place
which is still under construction.
anyway I was testing every single surface of its skin with a spoon
tap tap here, and tap tap there.
to make sure it produced the super crunch sound.
Quality check mar.....
Confirmed damn awesome.
then JS chopped them up into smaller pieces.

"Can I only have the crackling skin?"
"Then wat are our guests gonna eat???????? >_<"
Beautiful and awesome
I was very obedient and didn't touch a single piece
*Except those that Mr. JS fed me while he was busy chopping. Wat a bonus.*

oooOoooo look at the rib.
I want the rib I want the rib!!!!
grilled chilis and onion relish,
very good as its sourish *with vinegar inside* taste cut through the fattiness of the meat.
whites alwiz go so well with porkie.
We'll bring a white next time to El Cerdo.

I missed my Towers.......
anyone selling in Malaysia?
Spore pun tarak.
Looks like time to go back to Hunter Valley, Aust to ta pau some wines home.
rockets in balsamic topped with parmaggiano
and lemon cappelini with italian flat leaf parsley.
need to buy more Riedel "O" glasses
*the one without the stem*
so nice to use and not clumsy at all.
Since one of our "guest" can't take white wine,
we had to dig a bordeux for him.
Yea I don't drink this anymore.
-_- but it's ok as a everyday wine I supposed.
with Mee Mee's flowers sitting pretty on the dining table.
out of nowhere,
this tray presented itself on the table.

"TEA???? after wines????"
dunno how many years old "Pur Er"
it came in the form of a "cake"
Teas are like wines...
tannin, color, taste, nose, palate.
1st "pow"= to wash the tea
*I dunno how to define pow*

2nd "pow" = wash cups, teapots watever

3rd "pow" = good enuff to drink.

so complicated and so much of effort.
alrite, I am learning.....
I still prefer wines,
but chinese tea was good to wash away those heart choking hi-cholesterol porkie we ate.

JS said I've already used up my Once-a-year-quota for crackling porkie.
yes he will only make once a year.

But I had it 2x last week.

Si Fu Lawrence,
How's your kurobuta crackling pork?


licheng said...

the porkie look soooooo delicious...

cher-ry said...

Kindy Chai: Oh yes...I was craving for it last nite. :P

aisan said...

lol cherry, your blog is so freaking good! gah and sooo many pictures! that i dont do!

cher-ry said...

aisan: thank u, do drop by when u need some crackling silly stories fr me. hehehehehe. :))))))))