Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Local food in HK

With the world getting smaller,
the word local doesn't apply much.

Indonesia has got their satay *which msia proclaimed was theirs*
Singapore has got their fantastique chili crab *Which msia said they stole it*
Thailand has got their yummylicious tom yum *which msia adopted and set up stores everywhere*
Taiwan has got their beef noodle *which u can find in msia as well, adopted fr their version*

So msia has got everything....
am I supposed to be proud or join the idiots and reclaim back Chili crab???
whatever that feeds my tummy.

In this post I'll introduce the local yummy delicacies in HK
*only a very small percentage coz I can't eat everything*

Poh Lor Pau - pineapple bun
but u don't get pineapple inside,
the reason they called it pineapple was bcoz of the criss cross pattern on the top of the bun *Which u clearly can't see in this poorly taken pic*
it's actually caramelized butter and sugar on top.
egg tarts....this is also famous for breakfast and tea
it's very yellow due to the high quality of eggs used.
the crust is actually very thin on the inside,
with soft sweet egg custard.
yep I only have the above though in their breakfast menu there's:
Set A: noodle with spam
Set B: sausages and eggs
Set C: macaroni in soup
etc etc etc etc......

aiya, those i oso can make lar...

Roasted pork & BBQ pork
I like it coz not too fatty and the skin has such thin crunch
not like the usual thick and hard crunch.

the BBQ pork is so juicy and succulent and moist.
best thing is, dip in mustard sauce.....
simply a good pairing.
Kon chow ngau hor
fried sliced beef with rice noddle

Can't describe it's "four hei"
damn good.
Kale in chinese wine
sliced beef porridge...
must try their porridge kay...

and now STREET FOOD:
kah li yu tan *everyone knows this is my fav*
fish ball curry
with a lil bit of turnip, piggie skin, squid and of coz fish balls!!!!!
wash it down with their sweet mango sai mai lou
mango pudding with sago, mango juice and mango cubes
mango-licious enuff for u????
this is shuet kap
snow frog's glands...
yes very good for the skin...
Ladies pls eat more.
milk pudding with.........birds' nest
I like the combo with ginger juice.

YESSSSS, I can eat all the above dessert in one go.

and now SUPPER!!!
the infamous HK wan tan mee with shrimp dumplings
vege with imperial oyster sauce....
all their vege are super huge and super green.
almond milk,
I don't like almond but everyone said it's nice.
tung ling char - iced lemon tea...
Yeah I am so predictable.


extremely long day for me here,
don't think I can step out of the office till late evening,
sigh...Well I get paid...
so no complaints.

Hope your day is better than mine.

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