Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Gourmet "Ham Yu"

*I hope this post will change certain ppl's perception towards this delicacy*

Ham yu aka salt fish has long been in our culture,
it's just like any cured salted meat,
just that it's fish and even harder to make coz it has high water content,
therefore use as much salt as u can to draw out the water/moisture
to preserve it.
*it is also to kill microorganism aka bacteria*

If you really hate it so much,
think about cured meat like those wonderful waxy bacon, ham, salt beef etc.

and NOW,
cooking salt fish JS's way.
fry a slice of salt fish,
on all sides till it's crispy.

warning: you don't wash/soak it in water 1st. It's like soaking your socks in water before wearing em.....wat's the point??
once it's done, remove fr heat and sprinkle some sugar on it,
the sugar will caramelised on its own.
then throw some chopped chilis on top,
this chilis = no kick
no choice when you can't get those fiery ones.
aaaaa, u must be asking...why use lime?
before squeezing some lime,
spoon a few spoonful of oil onto your gourmet salt fish,
the hot oil will kill the chilis for u.

and of coz lastly, lime to taste.
so u'll get the complete 4 taste with such satisfaction that I can't describe:
- salty
- fiery hot
- sweet
- sourish lime


salt fish is never the same eh????
I am not shy to say I had 1.5 plates of rice....

Look at the beautiful rounded grain,
it's jap rice babe!!
Get this brand,
I can't read a thing.
but I can read the word "FISH"

they also use this grain to make sushi.
I was despatched to Isetan to do groceries,
*coz someone was busy whacking 9 holes*

and also since Monkey was already in KLCC for her indulgence....s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g

and out of curiosity...I bought Habeneros.
they are so beautiful!!!

JS: "Make sure u finish them."
Monkey: "U dowan?????"

JS: "and use a different knife to operate it. I may need a goggle and gloves."
Monkey: "is it that bad???"
okie, JS just operated the chilies for me to consume,
he dare not touch a thing.

it was bad.....
really really bad.
if chili padis fr Sabah is 10
habaneros is 60.

I still prefer chilis fr sabah for it's flavour.
Habaneros are just like inferno without the flavour.
really hot like hell
caramelised onions with egg omellete,
one of my favourite,

Hey ppl, I don't just go for full fledge diner,
when u r busy working
*whacking for a certain someone*
coming home to whip up a healthy dinner is a feat.
when we were too busy to chop, cut, clean....
sawi is the best vege to makan.

less work!!!!
but if we have lots of time to kill,
dinner will require some efforts,
like delicately frying some cute delicate japanese ikan bilis
spinach aka bayam,
yeah everyones knows spinach needs tender loving care to prepare.
steamed japanese flounder with good soy sauce + mirin with young ginger and spring onions.
if u care,
throw in some julienned jap leeks.

Bottom line,
home cooked food the best,
be it chinese, indian, asian or italian.
*sometimes we cook greek too*

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Anonymous said...

saltfish is bad for should try fresh fish. hehe!