Monday, March 03, 2008

Dinner by Tatler

Chinese New Year has gone,
and there's still CNY dinner with the usual "yee sang"?!?!?!?!?

when the entree aka yee sang was laid out on the table,
nobody bother to pick their chopsticks up to lou hei.
After the half heartedly process,
my partner for the nite SK just sat still staring blankly on the dish.

"U dowan to makan ar?"
"I have been having that for lunch and dinner for the past one month."

"Oh, yeah hor........nvm I eat for u."
:P That's me!!!
Kim Ma Restaurant serves very good dim sum,
it was my 1st time trying out on their other dishes.
Above was my 5 spices marinated and braised tender succulent chicken drum stick
with a basic mash.

Not too bad.....I was expecting something more CHINESE
*gimme my chinese food!!!!!*
Beautiful CS & Monkey
she's my unofficial fashion police...

"I have nothing to wear. Can I wear office attire?"
"Nooooooooo, everyone must wear a dress."

sigh............I need a dress factory to churn out different dresses for me for diff functions.
Sorry-I-forgot-your-name, Sharon & Monkey
with Sweet Rachel *she prefers Devil Rachel* and Beautiful CS
yes do not judge a book by its cover,
but I have yet to see any devilish act fr her yet....
so at the moment...she will remains as Sweet Rachel.
Beautiful CS & Chris da Boss

He seriously needs a fashion police.
I've already gave up on him after 10 months.

I like Beautiful CS's golden tube dress...
she alwiz play along with the theme for the nite.
Beautiful CS & no-longer-available-JH
I was trying to capture the horsie at the back....
yesssss prancing horses!!!!!

after the dinner, we went to the lounge for coffee
*yes at 11pm*
well for the sake of doesn't matter wat time it is
as long as it's bitching time
that includes no-longer-available-JH
Sweet Rachel & Monkey
Told ya she's sweet.

Good luck to u gal,
at your new brands *I lurve both your brands very very very much*, new com, new boss(es)
I'll see u more often then....
*or u'll see more often pottering around starhill*

Kim Ma Restaurant (cantonese cuisine)
Palace of the Golden Horses,
Jalan Kuda Emas,
The Mines Resort City,
Seri Kembangan,
43300 Selangor.
Tel: 603 8944 3784

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