Friday, February 29, 2008

Cheung Chau Island

it's a dumb bell shaped island on south west of HK,
about 55 mins via the slow ferry
and 25 mins via the fast ferry

It's called Cheung Chau bcoz it is a long and narrow island
Cheung = Long
very small, about 2.45 km²
bcoz we missed the fast ferry and the next one would be in another 60 mins,
we were forced to board the slow ferry.......
sssssslllloooooowwwww can die
with its choppy sea, even at Deluxe first class, I had sea sick.
Cheung Chau is a fishing village...
see all the fishing boats parked neatly in a row.
Milk pudding just like tau fu fah.

we had this the moment we arrived,
coz weather is about 3 degrees lower than HK
and it's freaking cold.
Do buy all these sea produce in Cheung Chau,
coz it's freshest and cheapest as compared to HK itself.
look at the dried shrimp aka ha mai.
so RED!!!!!
and all the beautiful smelly stinky salted fish made fr "kurau fish" aka "ma yau yu"
oooOOooo I lurve salted fish.

the lady sliced them in smaller portion for us,
so helpful.
Ppl here are so much more friendlier.
and so many other things such as dried squid, dried mussels, dried oysters,
dried anchovies etc etc etc etc
we spent HKD 1,300 here....:P
I dunno wat we bought also but a lot!!!
then off to buy our dinner....
choose wat u want to makan and ta pau to the nearest restaurant.
of coz being touristy, choose the restaurant with the most people dining in it.
steamed prawns with nothing but in its own juice
do u know wat vege is this???
this is tou miau/ tau miu
so much of leaves!!!
in Msia u only eat the stalks.
crabs that we bought earlier
steamed dunno wat fish recommended by them and it's darn sweet
steamed scallops with lotsa lotsa garlic
fried rice with egg white
later we walked to the tea shop to get some tea
it's such an art in preparing the tea
last autumn's tin guan yin and dunno how many years old Pur er
drinking tea is an art
requires so much of brain cells,
just like wine....u'll need to determine its color, nose and palate..
and of coz tannin!!!!!!
JS & Prince C tasting the tea
this 2 buggers bought tea like buying wines
one cake of tea (round like cake mar) = HKD 800
and they bought.....i lost count
and that's entry level
apa ini????
I was more interested in their cups
and tea pots!

Cheung Chau island is worth exploring
for its local produce and cheap food :)))))

Busy day today
no time to story so long.

Have a nice weekend ppl,
I'm gonna spend it working.


licheng said...

food is always yummy!

blu-ray hasn't really taken off in Msia right? i've seen the 1st generation one at Sony Style BDPS1, and it's quite pricey (RM2K or something). now in the US, since this format war ended, blu-ray will monopolize the market. more software (movie discs) will be on blu-ray yea, if you intend to buy, get a blu-ray :D

CHER-RY said...

we saw in KLCC and kinda forgot the price. It's so new here that nobody know nuts about it. :P

kay, me getting for new place then. :)))) Thanks Kindy Chai.

PS: JS requesting for discount.hehehehe.