Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Scrumpylicious Lap Mei Fan :))))

I don't know why we must eat lap mei fan
during CNY,
why we must also consume certain auspicious food..
all I care about is my tummy
Good food good food good food.

and so we went to Imbi Market to get some "lap mei"= waxed meat
all the way fr Hong Kong.

and ended up with kilos and kilos of waxed meat.

*and Bernard finished everything by the 4th day of CNY*
yummy sausage i dunno wat u call no.1, yummy sausage no.2, liver sausage and the the flat piece of meat is some waxed duck.
Yep it's different fr the normal pale yellowish waxed duck.

so soak them a while in hot water,
then sautee them.
with the remaining oil, fry your rice till almost translucent,
add water + mirin + sake and bring to boil.
in the mean time, fry some vege.
when the rice is ready, place all the waxed meat back and cover.
boil a while more.
This process is to seal the flava into the rice.
sliced your waxed meat according to preferred thickness,
some ppl like it thin, some like them chunky...

I like them the above thickness,
that is cincai cut as long as can makan.
as for the rice,
throw in the corriander stems and a few dash of top quality soy sauce.
*fr Ipoh where else!!*
one portion ain't enuff!!!
good with champagne as it cut through very well with the oiliness of waxed meat
Ritzenhoff champagne glass fr Paragon Singapore.

"Money come money come!!!!!"

well, I'm not a fanatic over lap mei...
but since it's a once a year affair,
I tend to crave for it.
Cousin Jessie & Monkey at Genting
Nope, we didn't ride anything cept the kiddos who spent the whole day under the sun,
the above roller coaster cost RM 12 and u dun even get to sit on it....

u merely stand inside its cage while it throw you around as it go up and down

side to side on its rail...
such ferocious velocity......can die!!!!!
yes the cage is hung on its rail!!!!!

Casino was packed with ppl of all walks,
I dun gamble hence it's not my place.
instead doin statistical analysis for everyone on the roulette table.

Finally whatever I've learnt in Uni came into use.
Stochastic process, Bernoulli,
probability, stochastic integral, Brownian motion, quantitative analysis,
Gaussian process bla bla bla bla.
DAMN!!! I missed my maths!!!!
Su San, Kindy Chai, Lu Ai, Ass Kickin Vonne

Ms. Hungry for Ang Pow Lu Ai did what she needs to,
to achieve her mission: collect as many as she could this year!!!

and came to my place alongside her ang pow kakis,
Su San all the way fr Puchong,
Ass Kickin Vonne fr Banting,
to my place @ Seremban.

hehehe, I know u come to see me kan???
not for ang pows kan???
kan?? kan????
Kindy Chai was around the corner and swing by to see everyone!!!
Kindy Chai taught me to use the timer on my spanking new camera,
coz no one else at home to snap a pic for cam-whores like us.

Lu Ai
Next year, I will drive all the way to your house
and collect your 2x ang pows...
*no, I am not pai seh yet to receive em*
Thank u in advance 1st.



licheng said...

ahhhhh..the lap mei fan makes me drool..yum yum

CHER-RY said...

Oh yessss...very the yum!!!