Tuesday, February 05, 2008

CNY dinner(s)S(s)Ssssssss

I've been burning my pure liver,
in the name of entertainment.

JS commented that my tastebud got so refined,
I can only take good champagne....not even DP
only good burgs
and no more bordeaux.

so imagine me downing unknown red wines fr timbaktu,
whiskies and God knows wat other alcos i had.
1st dinner was with Client C,
super super serious dinner.
everyone sat like a soldier that nite.
and when their boss gave the permission to EAT,
everyone digged in.
and when permission was released to sing....
they had to even though they were halfway peeling their yummy prawns.
Notti monkey and Jacky on the 1st nite.
2nd nite with Client T was slightly better...
coz they were about 40 of us...
so it was more "meriah"
plus we got so many good singers to entertain us.
Daniel aka Rain...
sing like one and stylish like one.
plus one cute kid buggin me to snap pics with him all nite,
Florence brought her hensem son along.
and among all the aunties, uncles and more aunties...he stucked to me all nite.
I dun like kids.....but he's kinda cute.....so it's okay.
:P pffttttt
marketing managers
and on the 3rd nite....I would say it's da best,
best team, best group, best in everything.
coz they can dance...
Ricky & Chris da boss
they can drink!!!
all nite long and still walk a straight line.
and they turned the VIP room
into a concert room
*confirmed the restaurant will ban me for holding such dinners next year*
to the left!!!!
up and then to the right!!!
even their executive director was grooving to the beat of Bee Gees.
monkey and just-got-married Cute Miki
yeah we lurve this team the best that so many of them are wearing our timepieces.
except Chris da boss...who's wearing an antique
that watch must been like 5 years old.

yeah sell more of my brand ya!!!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone :)))))))))))


Odin Cards said...

Dunno bout Daniel aka Rain.

Pic 1, no aunty making faces.

Pic 2, Daniel puts on the mic, aunty gives sour face, with hands reaching for ears...



neil said...

JOO! You wrote everything that I was about to write! That aunty was cringing at their "singing"! :P

CHER-RY said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA. Poor auntie. By the way, that's an accountant....but still auntie lar. *wait till I bcome one*