Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day???

Valentine's day comes with all the ooooOooo
aaaAAAaaaaa and GAH!!!!!

*if u know me well, u'll know which of the above was my expression!!!*
Yesterday JS poached a nice seabass with my favourite Basil
on top of a bed of *again my favourite* caramelised bacon + onionsand my favourite broccilinis.....:)))))))))))))))))
absolutely yummy

yes, Valentine's day is too commercialised nowadays

just say we celebrated "everyone's birthday"
yesterday in the chinese lunar calendar
*7th day of CNY*

hence all the pressies
Now u know....JS writes all his cards, special messages, letters, poems
to me in THAI.
I should learn a new language too
perhaps learning Thai 1st :P

Yes yes I am learning names of my fav food in thai
to facilitate my indulgence,
that's the most important bit.
and Monkey got him Buben & Zorweg watch box - Vantage 10
made from solid wood in piano black lacquer with walnut burl inlays

store up to 10 watches.....which he happily filled up in less than 5 minutes
yes I know it's too small for your watch collection.....
U'll need something like this........
I think this Buben & Zorweg can almost store your collection,
but it cost a huge bomb

can buy a high end condo in KL!!!!!

Nvm....u save money to buy this huge baby,
I get u the small Vantage 10 1st...
Tiffany Loving Hearts earrings
designed and copyrighted by Paloma Picasso
in white gold with diamonds
it matches my Loving Hearts necklace
Read about it here

hmmmm, my earrings came 1.5 years later
why?? no stock????

I'm such a terrible person!!!!
Thank you for doing whatever mighty you can,
in making every moment a special one. :)))

Yes it takes mighty effort to move this monkey!!!
*be it emotionally or physically*
hahaha :P

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