Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shanghai Nite at EEST

Loooonngg paaaang,
wat the heck.
loonnngggg laaauu...

I was sooo reluctant to attend,
moreover I have nothing "shanghainese" to wear

Beautiful CS: "Wat do u mean u dun have cheongsam!!! Wear the pink one!!!"


Beautiful CS and Monkey

She was rite...
all the guests came in their stunning cheongsams,
if anybody comes with a black/white/red/dress...
I bet they'll be kicked out!!!
we sat at a cozy corner
the nite started with the harmonious drum performance
I wanna have those drum sticks...
so portable and nice to beat around
esp others' face whenever I feel like it.
*stress reliever*
Calligraphy master from China
I dunno wat he wrote but it's sure nice!!!
Hot babe Wee Shen & Sweet Rachel

See...everyone dressed in their supercurvylicious cheongsam.
Sweet Rachel & Beautiful CS
Qian Yu looked like a doll here....
Chinadoll that is...
Sweet Rachel & Chinadoll Qian Yu

their dress, bags and shoes matched each other well.
Beautiful CS, Sweet Rachel, Hot Babe Wee Shen & Monkey

there will be another Shanghai Nite next month.
GAH!!! I don't want to wear cheongsam again...
can I wear samfu????

on another note,
about photoshoot.....
ppl think it's fun, it's nice and enjoyable...
it's NOT!!!!

it's tiring!!!!
and idle....
normally I spent it bitching around with stylists, makeup artist
and creative ppl....
yummylicious models whom followed me down to KL
they are currently on tour and stopped over in msia for 2 months.
Jonathan said the pants was too tight for him...
yeah I think so too.

Thanks to a certain someone,
it was done professionally using the least amt of time.
thank u again,
I'll buy u lunch dearie. :))

okie ppl...
I'm gonna close my order for the HK trip,
by 12pm today.

Let me know which brand u want, Sku number, size and col.

I'm gonna conquer HK tonite!!!!

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