Friday, February 15, 2008

Makan Queen

I just went thru my folders and realised,
so many other un-posted pics
for the past 2 months.

I'm terribly sorry to certain ppl who are awaiting for certain posts
which I promised....
I am so so so busy with work
it's getting a bit unorganised already.

and so both JS and me wanna exchange places,
*I dunno why he wanna do tat*
so we traded list of "to do for the day" to see if it's interesting enuff.

1) Food presentation by 4 hotels from 10am- 1pm in Bkt Damansara
2) Lunch with XXX at
1pm Chulan Square
3) interivew XXX staffs with regards to product development
4) meeting with XXX at watever time I have left after that
5) send POSM to XXX to replace broken ones
6) confirm Basel schedule with editors from XXX
7) place order for gifts @ Basel
8) book Fukuya for tonight at 7pm
9) book restaurants in HK (SHITTTT!!!!!)
10) call a few media owner to thank them for CNY hampers
11) finish up my working paper to be presented in HK next week
12) review XXX sponsorship agreement
13) approve all marketing expenses for Feb (one big stack can sign till hand patah)
14) select candidates for next week's interview
15) prepare 40 CDs for editors - new product release
16) prepare PDF materials for Advertisement in Apr 08
17) get new name cards printed
18) and a whole lot of emails to reply....

*I swear he wrote it not me!!!*
1) have coffee at XXX
2) clear emails
3) go to Saujana Golf Club at 11am
4) tee off at 12 noon with XXX
5) go to Fukuya for dinner with Monkey and XXX at 7pm or so
6) probably bake flourless choc cake tonite.


GAH!!!!!! I want your job!!!!! are some belated post.
this was some neat food court along Gurney Drive near to Gurney Hotel
No...not the touristy Gurney Drive food court.
I swear, u ppl won't walk into this one....
It's more of a local scene.
My camera fogging up!!!!
fantastic prawn mee
in Penang, they called it Hokkien Prawn mee

super prawny and sweet at only RM 4my camera still fogging up!!!!

char kuey teow at only RM 3.50,
see the price is also not that touristy!!!this one was yummier than at the Gurney Drive with tourists.Pork rib loh mee....
thick sauce with lotsa "things" in it to munch
like porkie skin, pork ribs *of coz*, chicken feet (???) and other peripherals.this place is called Public Cafe,
nope our stomach didn't have space for Loh Bak...
otherwise....u can see a pic of one here already.
so cute!!! this uncle in his motor-cart sells pancake!!!!it's paper thin and crispy can die and it's only ONE RINGGIT!!!!!!WOW with my fav corn fillings and kacang!!!!
super yum...I can eat more but.....
someone said my tummy is getting rounder.
what a beautiful scene right outside the place.
with its constant sea breeze
yep, it was a sunny day and only 11am
come to think of it...11am is too early for all the heavy food above.
hence the round tummy
hiak hiak hiak
JS with his "Sotong Boat/sampan" at the back.

I can't differentiate whether any sampans are used to catch:

They are all the same!!!
We in a buggy on the way back to Pan Pacific Hotel at KLIA
yep we flew to Penang...
so convenient!!!

okie, short post today ppl..
coz I need to get goin on the above list...
can u believe it??? it's Friday and I'm working like Monday.

so should it be TGIF or FIF.

go figure wat is FIF!!!

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