Wednesday, February 20, 2008


GAH!!!! I better finish up my London post,
before it's gone FOR REH VAAAHH!!!!! gah gah gah!!!

Covent Garden is like the garden of theatreland.
everywhere u turn to....there's theatres,
or ppl selling discounted theatre tickets,
Food food food food food.
Yep my eyes only register FOOD wherever I go.
This one.....kenot miss!!!
it's a classic and a MUST GO!!!

Longest running show in London.
like erm....22 years???
sculptures and statues near the performing stage
yep no pics during show time
this theatre is super old
*I forgot how old*
all the old folks attending the theatre
hiak hiak hiak

watching a play is a TREAT for Londoners
as for us, it was a very EXPENSIVE treat,
GBP 60 = RM 420 per person.
the following day, we went to Lyceum Theatre
for my favourite show....

okie...luff all u want...
just happen that my fav is Lion King.
*go on....luff...*
Lion King has been playing in London for about 8 years???
I tell u super worth every single cent paid!!!!
the choreography and costumes and props and backdrops etc etc etc
the hall is more cozy
with the exclusive balconies
I came out of the play singing to hakuna matata,

we got so addicted that we purchased "Lord of the Rings" tickets,
without thinking about our departure dates.
GAH!!! and so we burnt the tickets.
GAH x 1000
Quaglino's at St James.
JS lurve their ceiling....
the colour changes during the day - cozy warm colors
and blue at nite.

He was thinking of installing such lightings in our new dining hall.
Q is for Quaglino's
their salt & pepper saucer
my escargots without its shell in green herbs.
he had foie gras with caramelised pear on a bed of baby spinach.
GAH!!! wat a huge portion!!!
my crispy porkie with mushroom mash
*or was it truffle mash???*
too much of meat and I need my fiber!!!
Rockets with formaggio
Pear tart :)))
In fact there are some other posts still pending,
too many already...
Lucky I don't write reviews for sponsors..
I don't like to be chased down the road for some write ups.

However I am gonna give up on one particular journalist,
who's been holding my write up for 10 months already.
Well as much as I like to procrastinate,
I don't owe ppl things for like 10 farking stale months.


neil said...

GAH! too many GAHs in this post!!!

CHER-RY said...

see I got infected by your GAHs already.