Monday, February 18, 2008

Pantai Seafood Restaurant

went out for dinner with galfriends on V-day
Ass Kickin Vonne suggested Pantai Seafood at her territory.

Yours truly with Lu Ai Chan & mommy Connie were early.
Ass Kickin Vonne paid money to M&Ms to advertise for them....:P
Early bird special was.....
u get to hang out at her apartment while watching American Beauty,
with endless supply of soy milk & choco milk.
simple yet yummylicious condiment,
it started out at bak kut teh shops....and now...
everywhere in any chinese eatery.
this one was started by banquet to shut the noisy and hungry guests.
the waitress taped our order on the side of the table,
with the other copy in the kitchen.
*minus the finger*
1st dish for every CNY dinner,
we had Pear Yee Sang.
Su San seeking part time employment here....
she's doin well with her skills,
but u make a good SAP consultant...
so don't fight for jobs with those poor burmese kay!!!
and LOU HEI!!!!!
it's Mickey Mouse year said Ass Kickin Vonne
deep fried fresh prawns with rolled oats.
Monkey & Lu Ai Chan
Mommy Connie & Ass Kickin Vonne
TQ for organizing ya!!!
I wanna retire fr all these organising work...
pass the baton to u babe!!!
freshly made toufu with salted egg sauce
thumbs down for this dish,
me no likey...
they used raw egg yolk to thicken the sauce hence the fishy smell.
Asam fish was succulent
could it be the excellent sauce??
or the super fresh red snapper????
Kai Lan done 2 way,
leaves were shredded and deep fried,
while the stalks are stir fried.
mango sai mai lou
Su San, Ass Kickin Vonne & Mommy Connie *baby coming June 08*

the gals exclaimed: "WAT!! u left poor JS at home on Valentine's Day???!?!?!?"
"U could have brought him here."
etc etc etc etc etc etc

trust me, he had a whale of time at home cooking.
his Pancetta linguine with green peas.
seeeee....he won't be like me eating instant noodle if I ever get left behind at home.
so don't worry bout him gals.

hehehe, next outing to Rol Rol's home to see her new baby.
Vonne, kindly arrange...thanks.
Hugs :))))))

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