Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Winter harvest @ Fukuya

Actually, Spring is here..
*remember chinese spring festival - CNY*
but we were still craving for winter food.
Fukuya's neat menu...
printed on rice paper and bundled up with young bamboo shoot,
tied with red ribbon.

If u are anticipating for pics on the menu....sorry.
when I 1st brought Chris da boss here...he gave up ordering coz no pics.
the lil garden on the other side of the restaurant overlooking the main dining hall and the sashimi counter on the right.

we were seated on the main hall....bcoz
the 7 seater sashimi counter was full
all the 4 VIP rooms were full

yes....wat to do..I booked late.
as in like...today makan today baru book.
everything is so neat here!!!

well ppl, if u wanna dine at Fukuya,
pls book daysssss in advance now.
baby daikon with some fish liver on the other end.
just like fashion runways....
these are the fresh produce for Spring 08
and it came with edible flowers.
Tempura of zucchini flower
u only get it during non-winter months.

this was my 1st zucchini flower,
coz I can't get in Malaysia...
and in Singapore with its price tag...
I rather eat something else. :P
*the above was complimentary fr Chef Ando*
erm....toros everywhere....
tucked under the seaweed,
in between the japanese ebi,
and more unseen in this pic.
am so sick of it.

well...my fav got to be the white fish
Sayori = flounder
but Monkey hunted only for the sides of sayori,
the meat is sweet but not as yummy as its side.
crunchy like jellyfish.
and we had this baby!!!
white burg with very smooth finishing.

Anyway I was too busy with my moscato that nite.
JS lost a lot of weight recently,
yeah spend less at the golf course and more time sleeping like me
and u should be fine?
Wat say u????
fish liver........
YIKES!!!! am so sick of it.
anyway someone else happily makan-ed my portion.
I-Ching & Prince C
Whatever that I don't makan,
Prince C will finish up for me...

*after the dinner, we went to Kg Baru and had nasi lemak for supper!!!!! hiak hiak hiak!!! We can reaaaalllly eat.*

my fav brocollinis served with bonito flakes,
all the way fr Japan.
we came for this!!!!!
King Crab fr Hokkaido!!!
*not Alaska*

only available during winter months.
one huge claypot for everyone...
dun ask me the price!!!
it's crazy!!!!
look at its spiky spiny legs!!!
sweet can die man this crab.
my fav japanese strawberries
only 4 biji!!! Ain't enuff....

later when JS inspected the bill:
"Your 4 biji strawberries cost RM 24 -_- "*
"hehehehhe hahahahahhaha."

so next time, buy at Isetan
RM 42 for 8 or 9.

We've been shopping at Isetan for years,
JS has their planogram in his mind all the time...

Over the phone:
"Go to japanese produce section under sauces. Reach out on the right tier at the bottom and u can find Hinode Mirin."

*gulped.....damn precise!!!!*

anyway I can't be bothered when there's so many floor staffs.
Just ask!

"Mana itu sponge fingers untuk tiramisu???"
and Ta-Da, they will retrieve it for u even though it's like at the other end...
and walk the whole area to locate u,
to give u your sponge fingers..

I enjoyed making ppl work!!!
this is wat I called - customer service.
homemade King Crab with udon in dashi stock.

yeap, u can buy frozen king crab at Isetan.

JS boiled the soup using kumbu (jap seaweed) and negi (leeks)
then add in bonito flakes...strained the soup..
add in mirin etc etc etc *i forgot wat*
and add more magic into it to make it this tasty
eat with care.....
coz 4 legs cost RM 89.90.
well it's CNY...so eat 1st and worry about your tummy later.

Fukuya Authentic Japanese Restaurant
No. 9 Jalan Delima,
55100 KL.
Tel: 603 2144 1022

Lim JS home restaurant
Jalan Inai,
55100 KL.
Tel: by reservation only...ask me!!!!

PS: sigh of relief....I've booked all the restaurants that I wanted to go in HK for this weekend.

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