Monday, February 11, 2008

Lis's Farewell @ Poppy Garden

Poppy Garden is the new extension fr Poppy Collection,
*which houses Havanita, Passion, Soul Seduction, Bar Mandalay etc*

P.Garden has its own narrow pool by its garden...nice and cozy
*why the heck am I advertising for them??? I lost my bag there :((*

Normally we hang out at Havanita Cigar Lounge or Passion
but since someone must go into the is the place.
*anyway the plan failed big time. Instead a sofa + some drunk guy went in. Thanks to Alex*
Claude Claudia & Lis
Claude Claudia will be following Lis's foot steps in the organisation,
heheheheh.......Dun worry...I neva bully Lis so I shall not bully u either.
Baby Wei & Lis
Since Lis was the star of the nite,
everyone was queue-ing for a photo opportunity with her.
B! & Lis
Partner in crime????
Alex da Martian goin around forcing ppl with alco
go steady buddy...
Sweet Angela & Ash

Hey Ash, the camera is here!!! woooo over here!!!
He was totally knocked out since 2pm.
What do they feed u @ Lecka Lecka?
Oreo Nij auditioning for Ju-On
While MIFA Daephen *ok ex-MIFA, and welcome to the gang* auditioning for some cute Dumex Ad. HEHEHEHEHEHE
stop strangling!!!
her face is turning white!!!!
No!!!! Don't do it!!!!
I said don't doooo itttt........bohohohohohohoho
the gals + one old hag *that's me!!*

coz i am da
the senior-est,
the naggi-est,
the fussi-est.
*and the list goes*

I just noticed all of us got short hair
Competing for the longest tongue!!!
for the healthiest gum!!!!
and for the cuttest pout!!!
sorry i can't do that pout.
I Won!!! says Oreo Nij
B! & C
Where's A???
A for ah-neh!!!
Thank u Alex da Martian *Ah-Neh* for organizing!!!
well since u r the event mgr, it's your job rite??
be it for work or play.
B!, Baby Wei & Lis
Lis & Monkey
Thank you Lis,
for all your hard work, efforts,
determination, commitment,
and job well done.

Many many happy wishes for u at da new place,
new colleagues,
new bosses,
new environment
and of coz new pay cheque.
*get your boss to send u to London*

Since u are at M&S,
can u get me my favourite butter cookies,
the yummy chili oil and goose fat???
oh oh...there's more. Let me do a list 1st.

All the best to u gal.
Hugs and kisses.

PS: Happy Belated Birthday to Sam. Muaks.
PPS: Happy working ppl.....after the long weekends!!!
PPPS: I'm too lazy here to start work...but heck it's the Rat year. Time to cari makan!!!

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