Friday, March 21, 2008

CORUM presents Khoon Hooi

19th Mar was absolutely a good day,
it started with such aura that kept me so positive,
and so so so so so happy amid all the last minute issues + hiccups.
*nothing to wear for my models, the stupid rain (wat happen to the bomoh alex??), my staffs were late and left some important watches behind etc etc etc etc*

I finally got the top tier seat on the nite I hosted,
but then.....when the show was about to start,
all my super late can die guests started calling me
and yours truly had to run down and out of the fashion cube
to escort them in.
and sooooo I had to stand to watch the show in the end...

the after-party cube,
sorry, all of u got to wait for pics fr my photog - Bonnie da great
for all the pics taken during the runway.....

I've only took during the after-party coz....
too obsessed with the show that I forgot to lift my camera up
which I've been holding all nite long.
*u'll know why later when the official pics are out!!!*
Jonathan wearing a CORUM Romvlvs in the transparent cube aka aquarium
yeah got all the women crazy coz u can see and u can't touch.
Wilson with a CORUM Admiral's Cup on his wrist

He's my favourite and all ladies as well
*though there are other macho mat sallehs models*

Lady 1: "Cherry!!! I wanna take pic with your models!!!!!"
Monkey: "Take take take take .....-_- hai......."

Lady 2: "Can u escort that one with the huge biceps to my table?"
Monkey: "I am not mama-san lar!!!! -_- haiiiiiii.........."

Lady 3: "What's his name? The one with such adorable dimpled smiles????"
Monkey: "-_- x 10000. I don't even know your name leh. hahahaha"

Lady 4: "OMG. U chose all your models yourself?!?!?!?!?"
Monkey: "they gave me very good samples to choose fr."
Lady 4: "U are so so so so so so lucky. Did u drool during the casting???"
Monkey: "I think u need a bucket now. Look at your drools. -_- x 1000"
okie I was drooling over my yummy desserts!!!
all from Hilton.

Thank u soooo much to "someone" who made this happen :)))))))))
it was truly a nite for ladies,
Wednesday mar = ladies nite

hunky guys + yummylicious desserts + free flow for the nite
wat else can u ask for???
and healthy desserts for those watching their diets...
see!!! Hilton is sooooo considerate!!!!
Beautiful CS & Tan Sri
She came with a stunning top and matching stilettos
well the dress code was stylish mar..
and everyone made their efforts to look good and yummylicious.
Monkey was not stylish at all
I came with a preggy black chiffon dress and a killer 4.5 inches heels
well easier to walk and run in a preggy dress
but the heels was a wrong choice.

Seriously killer heels coz I killed my feet that nite.
in the name of BEAUTY....absolutely worth all the pain.
U memang Tan Sri lar
so many ppl wanna take pics with u.
Thank u so much for everything
Monkey, no-longer-available JH, Beautiful CS
he's alwiz with beautiful ladies huh?

U better bring your wife in the next event!!!!
we wanna meet her!!!!
Sylvia, Mommy Jacky and Monkey
all of us were wearing CORUM Admiral's Cup 40

hai...why are u displaying the blue tag????
Oreo Nij, the new ambassador for Heineken

Thank u Oreo for managing the banquet and food!!!
u deserved a swimming pool of Heineken.
Monkey with Desginer Khoon Hooi

He is such a humble person
thanking us for hosting him
Lurve his chic designs so much
so un-UnDiva unlike some other DIVA designer *hmph*

Sonny San on the background,
he was invited by Khoon Hooi as his VIP guest,
Khoon Hooi has huge followers and fans,
hence the huge turn-up of guests.
Monkey, Mommy Jacky, , Alex da Ah beng & Sylvia
he's color blind, coz I told him all staffs wear black
another color blind fella was my boss
here with Ai Leen, Corp Comm & Media director of L'oreal Group
and everyone partay all nite long
Hot Babe WeeShen & Sweet Rachel
both looked so hawt in black.
and me!!!
Thank you for coming!!
hope u had a blasting time.

we shall have another partay soon ya!!!
Beautiful CS and Celebrity photog Bonnie da Great
Over here babe!!!
must be the wines....hmmmm
Monkey and William
Thank u for staying put with my last minute changes and request.
yes everything also last min,
I thought I was having heart attack then.
Bry & Monkey
Thank u for taking care of the reception centre with Baby Wei Wei.

Many thanks to Claude Claudia for everything :)))
Great job.

2 days earlier:
Nancy: "I'm bringing Simon Yam u know."
Monkey: "errr.....*scratch head*."

Nancy: "Simon Yam Tuck Wah."
Monkey: "oooOOoooo....." *not a big fan*

Nancy: "Don't tell anyone yet kay. I don't want those lalas *ah beng ah lians* to come."
Monkey: "wokey."
I didn't put high hope on that....

flanked by Nancy and Florian Mueller - VP of Mercedes Benz

yeah my boss was too busy to receive to pick up the phone,
when we called him to receive Simon at the red carpet.
I said I was not a fan,
but dunno wat strucked...
I was among the photogs snapping pics of him.
look here here here!!
anyway no opportunity to snap pic with him
all the mak datins were glued to him.
Monkey & Daephen

Thank u for wrapping up my models securely,
I was so afraid that the ladies may yanked the sarong off them.
but guess u were the happiest of all....
u get to touch and wrap them up wor...
Charming YS and Macho Mani grinding away
*must be the alcos*
other halves of Beautiful CS & Sweet Rachel
Celebrity Journalist Kee without his fake lashes & Monkey

yep, warned u not to wear any shu uemera lashes on my nite.
thank u for that.
Sweet Rachel with Bonnie da Great
I am expecting great photos fr u!!!!
Guests didn't wanna go home yet and kept requesting last song fr DJ,
The moment I left at 1.30am,
DJ was still playing with the crowd on the dance floor,
and alcos still flowing like river.
Thank u team!!!!


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And this expression -_-" x1000 is priceless!! ;)

CHER-RY said...

there are a couple of Lady 4, so u could be one of them. heeeeeeeeeeee.