Monday, September 11, 2006

Dinner at Les Amis, Singapore

Early Saturday morning, JS woke me up to have coffee at Orchard.
I was surprised as we can have it in the hotel...
sumore at STARBUCKS...not very nice coffee.


there's always some reasons/plots behind all these unscheduled thingy.
and being a faithful GF, I pulled myself up amid the hangover fr last nite,
walked 10 minutes to a place I don't like,
had my usual latte...tick tock tick tock...waited for 10.30am coz it's retail opening hours.
and he gate crashed Massimo Dutti next door...
It's not supermarket sweep baby,
nobody is goin to snatch that favourite piece of apparel from you.
And he got the whole boutique to himself.
I've always made him cat-walked with the apparels and as usual, he happily obliged

He was happily picking up jackets, pants, polo shirts, casual wear...
me just sulked at one corner....
not enuff sleep lar...bad hangover..

"baby, go and get that dress!!! It'll look so nice on you. Try it!!"
"no mood, I wanna sleep....quick quick I wanna go back & zzzzz"
Sounds funny eh? coz normally it's the other way round.
blue makes him looked preggy....

and those pretty boys sales assistants happily "more-than-assist" in his shopping...
if they can, they may even wanna help u to strip baby!!!

So I went back to the hotel & crashed,
missed my lunch appointment at Chinois,
miracously woke up in time for my tea appointment with Steven,
while JS happily tee-off at Laguna Golf Club.

Steven took me to this Botanic Garden,
However it was under major reno works,
It's a serene green lushy park.
I like it there.
me at the hotel room....deciding which dress to wear. This was the one...

As usual monkey alwiz dressed-to-kill for dinners.
be it formal..informal...coz I believe that if u look good, u'll feel sooo good...and soooooo gonna enjoy the nite!!!! and so I did.

Menu for the nite:
Carpaccio of langoustine, Oscietre caviar, chives, extra virgin olive oil

Alaskan Crab
Salad of Alaskan crab, warm blini

Wagyu Beef
Egg sunny side-up, carpaccio of Wagyu beed

Grilled Conch, confit of tomatoes a la provencale

Australian Kobe
Grilled Code de Boeuf Australian Kobe

Fine tart of apple aux dragee, vanilla ice cream

When we arrived at 7.15pm, we popped a bottle of Krug 95.
Without waiting for the hosts to arrive....shame on us!!!
I like their chandelier, exquisite!
this is an awesome wine....farking awesome!!!
Pommard 1969
1969 baby!!!!!
The oldest burgundy I've ever tasted in my life and I dare not even check/ask the price!!!
Goodness Gracious!!!!
the host Dr. Chook & Lawrence
for the 4th course, the Conch (a type of shellfish) we had Volnay 1978 Clos de la Barc

All these great, rare burgundies thanks to Randy!!!
Randy you are the best!!!
He recently came back fr Burgundy and sourced many fantastique outta this world reds.
grilled conch
Li-Ann, doc's daughter does sketches wherever she goes.
She's sketching the flowers.
This chambertine 1986 is the best of the lot
Doc brought this fr his cellar for the nite as 86 is the year he and Emily tied the knot.
So fast fwd to 2006, it's the 20th anniversary.
later they brought out a tray of pretty colourful knives and presented to me.

"which colour do you like maam?"
"wow...they are so beautiful...can I take them home??"
so I choose the colour closer to my heart
JS choose blue...why blue and not green??? I wonder...

These knives are the ROLLS ROYCE of cutleries..
Laguoile...find out more here **
Then they explained that it is perfectly balanced and weighted for steaks n meats.
It costs SGD 100 a piece!!! WTF....
but it's so nice to hold and cuts effortlessly
Randy See, top sommelier in Singapore, JB and some say Batam.

Hahaha, how can I say that?
Randy will kill me if he reads my blog!
All looked so serious and intense when Randy describes the wines.

Randy is truly a professional,
He won the Schott Zwiesel sommelier of the year,
3 years consecutively in a row....2004, 2005 and 2006
Randy recently completed the 1st stage of the "Master of Sommelier" program.
It's a great title and after 29 years of testing sommeliers around the world, there are only 142 sommeliers in the world to have completed the Master Sommelier (MS) level.
only 142!!!!!!
monkey bowing low at Randy......hands on the floor.
Good luck to you Randy, and may the power of the burgundies be with you!!! God bless.
grilled Australian Kobe - JS's portion, with a piece of rib
look at the marble!!! awesome!
L-R: Krug Rose (SGD 399), Volnay 78 (don't want to know the price!!!), chambertine 86 (SGD 1000), and the humble evian...hahaha
JS and me...still looking sober.
me and Li-Ann, she's only 12!!!
Emily & Doc
20 years is a mileage!!!!
one happy family.....awwwww
my fav time - dessert
I was so intoxicated I couldn't remember the great dessert. How does it taste like etc...
usual tea and pralines
Executive Chef Gunther Hubrechsen
Another humble bow to banging my forehead on the floor by now!!
He was awarded the "Rising Chef of the Year 2006" at the Singapore Awards of Excellence recently.
To be in this category, you have to be 32 years old and below....amazing.
He's a belgian, but trained in michelin star restaurants in France. Very french influenced with some asian twist in his creation.
Monkey still bowing....."tonk tonk tonk"
Lawrence & a drunk but well behaved monkey
Lawrence is an Australian chinese, his whole family is in Melbourne..
What the heck are u doin in this part of the world mate?
me and Shawn, Doc's son..*okie i looked damn drunk*
He's 17 and doin photography...but will venture into the world of medicine soon...just like daddy.
I don't remember taking these two pics...must be soooo intoxicated.

What can I say about the dinner?
being served by a renowed chef and top sommelier at the best french restaurant in Singapore which has one of the world best wine lists.
I truly enjoyed myself with the food, wines and most of all company of great people.
It's a one true experience which I'll remember.
This is one pretty sober picture of me....cept that my arms are a bit huge.....

You can go to the links below to find out more about:
Randy See
Chef Gunther

Address of Les Amis:
#02-16, Shaw centre,
1 Scotts Road.
Tel: 6733 2225
reservation only.

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