Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dolce Vita

Will be hosting a dinner for the ladies this coming Wednesday.
So woke up early and drafted a menu for them....on my bed at 7 am...and mailed it out to the guests.

I am confirmed .....a WEIRDO!!

Foie Gras on Brioche bread with blueberry preserve topped with truffles shavings.
Sauted field mushrooms with white Spanish onions.

Lebanese cucumber and tomatoes with Kalamata olives served with feta cheese and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

Roasted capsicum and Romana tomatoes fish soup garnished with Cubeb pepper and served with char-grilled garlic bruchettas.

First Course
Linguine with green prawns in Thai Sauce and Bai Horapha.

Main Course
Aborio rice seafood Paella with saffron.

"Pick-me-up" (Tiramisu)
So crashed myself to BSC and did groceries shopping.
Monkey alwiz shopped with a list, without it, I felt handicapped.
and frustration will surface when I realised that I missed something.
as usual, frustration = the person nearest to me will have a ride of his/her life.

With a shopping list, you can never go wrong/forget some items/bought wrong items....bla bla bla. Sometimes, we just need to admit that our memory isn't getting better as we grow/age.

On another note, I had Starbucks for breakfast *coz certain place don't have SFC*....and do not know why, it was EXCEPTIONALLY HORRIBLE today. My usual latte was like a cup of warm full fat rich creamy expresso in it. Must be the trainee barista.

And I was tad too blur and lazy to whine....rant....complain...and cause commotion.
I think I took pity on the poor barista....everyone has to start somewhere right? I was a fresh graduate before...I know. :)

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