Tuesday, September 12, 2006


It's a neat restaurant tucked at Boat Quay, Spore.
Very relaxing and casual place....with its open concept kitchen.
Their theme is Australian contemporary cuisine...so don't be surprised to see Kangaroo meat in their menu...I have yet to check their menu..
coz we always eat what Executive Chef Leonard prepares...
That's the part I lurve best...
It's always full of surprises...everything off the menu, never seen before and fresh!!
Tracie & Lawrence
for starter, Leonard created a fusion of Tasmanian oyster with cabbage confit
grilled peppery squid in chili jam and aragula leaves
pan seared french duck with caramelised figs
Lawrence did all the wines pairings fr his collections upstairs...forgot what I had. L-R: some 2001 burdungy, Krug champagne non vintage, 2002 burgundy.
wagyu with oyster mushrooms and garlic flowers *garlic got flowers one meh????*
korean mushroom with pasta
Tracie ordered this dessert for me...so yummy...it's called Tracie's chocolate pudding...kakkaka...esp created for her.
Leonard makes good, rich, yummy, ice cream.

As you can see, Leonard's creations are very fusion..
mixture of asian and western ingredients and flavours.
He alwiz managed to play around with these and VOILA!!!
Lurve Leonard soooo much...
he alwiz shares his creation with me...
not to forget tips and trade secrets.
heheheh....now i know how to make my food taste like those in the restaurants...

Highly recommended and it's not that overly expensive.
They have a wine cellar upstairs and it's quite a collection I would say.
go to their website to find out more

The Moomba Restaurant
52, Circular Road,
Singapore 049407
Tel: 6438 0141

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